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Podcast: Neil Olshey getting fired is good for the NBA

One of the league’s most exciting and recognizable stars is no longer hampered by one of its worst executives. Seems like a win for the NBA.

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Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Mere minutes before Aaron Larsuel and I recorded this week’s episode of “The Hook,” word dropped that Neil Olshey had finally been terminated by the Portland Trail Blazers. As fans of the sport as much as the teams we root for, we both celebrated the news.

At the end of the day, Damian Lillard will finally be able to embark on the next chapter of his career without one of the worst executives in the league holding him back. This, in and of itself — and even aside from the toxic work environment Olshey was allegedly responsible for — is worth getting excited about, regardless of who you root for.

Aaron also shared some incredible backstory on Lillard: That he personally scouted Dame as part of the pre-draft process before Olshey had even shown up. You’re going to want to listen to that story, as well as a fun conversation we had about scouting players in such a quickly-evolving league.

From there, and after discussing the investigation that Portland will apparently not be making public (not ideal), we turned our attention to LeBron James’ impending return from COVID protocols tonight, and the process that allowed him to do so.

James returning is obviously great for the Lakers in an immediate basketball sense, but him coming back, combined with DeAndre Jordan’s demotion, means the Lakers might finally be able to get some valuable data on the team they are right now and what they need to do to become the team they set out to be this season.

We also discussed the minor drama between Vogel and Jordan, and boy is Hennessy delicious, according to Aaron.

We wrap on the Lakers being flexed off ESPN in favor of Warriors-Suns, and how Lakers-Clippers being the first choice at all is in a way indicative of what’s wrong with the way the NBA’s television partners present the league to their viewers.

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