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Podcast: Which is the saddest NBA fan base this season?

This NBA season has been quite the slog, and not just for Lakers fans.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to figure out just how brutal this NBA season has been, the exercise of trying to figure out which fan base has had it the toughest this year is damn near impossible. But, because Adam Mares and I like to laugh at the pain of ourselves and others, we tried to do exactly that on this week’s episode of “The Anthony Irwin Show.”

Before we get to that portion of the conversation, though, we looked back on the Western Conference Finals series two seasons ago between the Lakers and Nuggets ,and how both organizations seem to have been dealing with injuries ever since the NBA asked them, the Celtics and Heat to get right back to competing mere weeks after a season that ran for approximately one calendar year.

Since that series, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Junior, and Will Barton (all starters) have missed extended periods of time with injuries. Sure, these things are impossible to predict, and there’s no way to prove that playing under these grueling circumstances directly led to those injuries, but when you look at all four of the teams that played in the conference finals and championship series, it’s hard not to notice some commonalities.

From there, we jumped into how the NBA is dealing with COVID this time around. Literally throwing bodies at the situation is a pretty bad look, but for a league that will do basically anything to avoid another shutdown, it may be the best of a bunch of really bad options.

Finally, we jumped into a fun little discussion about sad teams and their fan bases. Pelicans and Blazers fans should probably go for a walk. Then, to end on a lighter note, we looked back on the things we had to do as kids because of how different uniforms were back then compared to now.

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