Lakers trade deadline targets for a 3 and D wing and a small ball 5.

Hi again. We are looking at trades for the Western Conference this time.

Same idea as the Eastern conference post but I will be having two trades per team. One that is eligible to be made on December 15th and one for THT trades come January 15th.

Similar needs as the previous post, a 3 and D wing to defend 2,3 and 4 positions and a small ball player to pair next to Anthony Davis and LeBron James to space the floor if possible.

With all that being said let's start the trades!

Warriors trade

Lakers get Otto Porter Jr, Nemanja Bjelica and Damion Lee as a throw-in. Warriors get Avery Bradley back since Steph really wanted him and was upset to have lost him. De’Andre Jordan and Kendrick Nunn for some size and scoring on the perimeter in terms of Nunn and also playmaking when Steph isn’t on the court who can be paired with Gary Payton Jr.

THT Warriors trade.

THT, Nunn,Bradley and Reaves for Draymond Green, Otto Porter Jr, Gary Payton Jr, Damian Lee.

With this trade we get the player who embodies small ball in Draymond Green and his passing in transition will help set up our shooters and dunks in transition and he will also be able to defend the best big man that he can and also since he is on the Lakers he will not be an issue with Anthony Davis defensively. Otto Porter is a younger Iggy and he can defend well. Gary Payton Jr returns to the Lakers as we had him in our G-League team and he can provide scoring and playmaking off the bench. Damian Lee is a throw in but he can help replenish our shooting guard depth a little.

Warriors get younger and THT can start with Curry, Klay, THT, Wiggins and Wiseman. Nunn can replace Gary Payton Jr and Bradley returns to the Warriors and Reaves is to match salary. Bazemore, Ellington could be traded instead to keep Reaves.

Suns trade.

Lakers get Jae Crowder and Frank Kaminsky for Kendrick Nunn, De’Andre Jordan and Austin Reaves.

Suns are ravaged by injuries to their center position with only Javale McGee healthy so we send Jordan to help with that in the meantime. Nunn is a better point guard over Elfrid Payton and Reaves is kinda a throw in but it also opens up a roster slot for the buyout market.

Suns THT trade.

Suns receive Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and De’Andre Jordan for Mikal Bridges, Jalen Smith.

This leaves one roster spot open to go after a player in the buyout market and maybe two if you waive Bradley’s non guaranteed contract before the trade.

Suns have been shopping Jalen Smith around since they declined his extension and he would be traded away with Mikal to get him off the roster. Mikal Bridges is one of the best wing defenders in the league and he can go off offensively when he is not being paid attention to with stars around him. Happens with Booker, Chris Paul and Ayton will be the same with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

Jazz trade.

The Lakers get Royce O’Neal and Miye Oni for Nunn and Ellington.

Royce O’Neal is pretty much the main glue to the Jazz defense and would be a good player to receive. Oni is mainly a throw-in but he can shoot the ball. Nunn to the Jazz because they really have any point guard depth behind Conley and Ellington is our best volume shooter and that fits in with the Jazz offense plus we get to keep Bradley, Bazemore and Reaves for defense while adding Royce to be the main primary defender. There really wasn’t a small ball 5 on the Jazz so I forgoed getting one to focus more on defense and shooting.

THT Jazz trade.

Jazz received Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and Avery Bradley for Royce O’Neal, Miye Oni and one of Jordan Clarkson or Joe Ingles.

Clarkson for more scoring and playmaking but not as good defense and Ingles for more size and someone to mentor Austin Reaves as Reaves has said that he pictures himself as a younger Joe Ingles.

Grizzlies trade.

The Lakers get Kyle Anderson, Desmond Bane, John Konchar and Xavier Tillman for Kendrick Nunn, DeAndre Jordan, Wayne Ellington and Trevor Ariza.

THT Grizzlies trade

Grizzlies receive Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk for Dillion Brooks, Brandon Clark and Desmond Bane.

Clippers trade.

Lakers get Batum and Isaiah Hartenstein for Kendrick Nunn and Bazemore.

We get a bit more size with Hartenstein and Batum and Batum as we saw with the Clippers he can be motivated when on a contending team. Hartenstein is a swiss army knife of skills and he can play the 4 or 5 next to Anthony Davis.

THT Clippers trade.

The Lakers obtained Serge Ibaka, Nick Batum and Jason Preston for Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and Kent Bazemore.

We can pair Ibaka with AD at the 4 and Batum can slide up to the 3 and LBJ can run the 1 and Russ or whoever is hot can run the 2. LBJ, Hot player, Batum, Ibaka and AD for closing out games. We also have more size with that closing lineup so our defense would be even better.

Mavericks trade.

The Lakers get Maxi Kleber, Sterling Brown and Jalen Brunson for Kendrick Nunn, Kent Bazemore and Wayne Ellington.

Lakers get size and spacing with Kleber, Sterling Brown is a 6’5" SG who can defend the perimeter well. Not lockdown but well enough to not get into trouble. Brunson is to have a main play maker behind Russ.

For the Mavs they get Nunn who is better than Brunson and setting things up. Bazemore is for shooting and defense and Ellington is for movement shooting and we also keep Monk over Ellington who is a bit more versatile in how he scores.

Mavs THT trade.

The Lakers get Maxi Kleber, Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith for Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, Avery Bradley and Wayne Ellington.

Nuggets trade.

Lakers receive JaMychael Green, Jeff Green and Bones Hyland for Kendrick Nunn, Wayne Ellington and Avery Bradley.

The Lakers get a bit more length in the forward spot with JaMychael Green, With Jeff Green we get a small ball player with a bit more experience and with Bones Hyland we get a 1st round player in Bones who we had interest in at the draft.

Nuggets get more playmaking in Nunn while Jamal Murray is out so it just isn’t just Campazzo running point. Ellington is for spacing for Jokic and Bradley is for more defense on the ball.

Nuggets THT trade.

The Lakers receive Aaron Gordon, Zeke Nnaji, Campazzo and Davon Reed for Talen Horton Tucker, Wayne Ellington, DeAndre Jordan and Austin Reaves.

We get our wing defender lob threat and floor spacer in Gordan, Nnaji is for more size, Campazzo is for more playmaking and Reed is to make the salaries match.

Nuggets get THT who can start and make cuts and drives with Jokic passing, Ellington is a floor spacer, Jordan kinda replaces what Gordan brings in a lob threat and defense down low but he is not the floor spacer but Jokic is. Reaves it mainly to match salary and for energy.

Timberwolves trade.

The Lakers get Josh Okogie and Naz Reid for Kendrick Nunn and Avery Bradley.

Okogie is slightly undersized but he is an underrated defender. Naz Reid is a small ball 5 who can space the floor and someone who I have wanted since last trade deadline and he can compliment that role either next to AD and LBJ at the 4 or in Melo/Ariza at the 4 and Naz at the 5 when Anthony Davis is off the court. Or you can run a Russ,Monk, Ariza, Naz and LBJ lineup for some speedy scoring and shooting.

THT Timberwolves trade is similar to the above trade but we get back Taurian Prince instead of Okogie and we add THT to the trade and remove Nunn to have a backup PG.

So the trade is Taurian Prince and Naz Reid for Talen Horton Tucker and Avery Bradley.

Kings trade.

This one is mainly centered around Harkless and one of Damian Jones or Chimeze Metu for Kendrick Nunn and Avery Bradley. Lakers get a 3 and D wing in Harkless and Metu can run the pick and roll and some pick and pop. Damian Jones is a more traditional shot blocking rim runner much like McGee was for our team.

THT Kings trade.

Okay I have two THT Kings trades. One is a 3 team trade and the other is a two team trade.

I will start with the two team trade.

The Lakers get Buddy Hield, Damian Jones, Chimezie Metu, Robert Woodard and Jahml’us Ramsey for Talen Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, Malik Monk, Trevor Ariza and Wayne Ellington.

Hield and Reaves can be the backup PGs and even Rondo at some points if need be. Not to mention LBJ when he is on the court and Hield, Reaves and LeBron can all play off each other.

We would be essentially sending out most of our shooters for Hield so he would be the primary focus for spacing with Lakers 360. Woodard would be the possible replacement for Ariza and maybe even Metu. Jones for lobs from Russ, Hield, Reaves and LBJ and defense as well. Ramsey is mainly salary filler but he can be emergency point guard if need be.

Here is the 3 team trade. Early in the season there were reports that the Pistons had interest in Bagley. So we are going to try and get Bagley to the Pistons and Hield to the Lakers.

The Lakers get Hield, Damian Jones, Metu and Frank Jackson.

Kings get THT, Isaiah Stewart, Rodney McGruder, Wayne Ellington and Isaiah Levers.

Pistons get Marvin Bagley, Nunn and Bradley and our 2027 1st rounder and our 2023 via Bulls second rounder.

They also get the Kings 2022 second rounder via Bulls or Pistons. Kings get our 2023 and 2025 second rounders and the Pistons 2024 and 2026 first round picks. Lakers get the Kings 2022 1st round pick and 2023 second round and the Pistons 2023 1st round pick and 2027 1st round pick.

All these picks are for if any team fails to meet expectations and so they can go to another team and vice versa.

Also the Kings are the 10th seed currently so if they fall deeper it is on them for trading away so much for possible growth to make the playoffs. Pistons have a chance to get a second rounder depending on what happens with the Bulls or themselves.

TrailBlazers trade.

Lakers get Larry Nance Jr, Cody Zeller and Nasir Little for Kendrick Nunn, Avery Bradley and De’Andre Jordan.

We get more size with Nance Jr who is an all around player and defender and a good passer and shooter. Zeller is to space the floor and for emergency minutes. Little is the main 3 and D player and he is so youthful so that will bring some energy to the forward spots off the bench.

Nunn is an upgrade over Simons, Bradley can help the Blazers defense and Jordan is for defense and lobs.

THT TrailBlazers trade.

THT, Bradley, Jordan and Nunn for Robert Covington, Zeller and Nance Jr.

RoCo can defend really well and at times be a small ball 5 in certain lineups if you want that. Good shooter. Essentually replaces Bradley but with more size.

We get the Blazers 2023 first round pick and the Blazers get our 2023, 2025 second rounders and our 2027 1st round pick.

Spurs trade.

Lakers get Thad Young, Keita Bates- Diop and Jock Landale for Nunn, Jordan and Wayne Ellington.

We get one of the players who was in the running for 6th man of the year last season in Thad Young. He can defend, pass and score with the best of them at a good cost. Bates Diop is the more athletic finisher and can play pretty good defense. Jock is a throw in and emergency center.

THT Spurs trade.

We get Thad Young, Bates- Diop and Devin Vassell for THT, Ellington and Jordan.

We are essentually swapping Ellington and THT for for the younger Vassell and Thad Young.

Vassell was coming into the draft a knock down shooter and stout defender.

We get the Spurs 2023 1st round pick and they get our 2023 and 2025 second rounders and our 2027 1st round pick. Again essentially taking a chance on making the playoffs with THT and if not we get the pick.

Rockets trade.

Danuel House Jr and David Nwaba for Nunn and Bazemore.

We get more defense on the wing with House and Nwaba and at times House can be a small ball player with his spacing. The Lakers get Nwaba back from the Summer League championship and he can defend really well.

THT Rockets trade

The Lakers get Danuel House, David Nwaba, and Daniel Theis for THT, Bradley and Bazemore.

We get a proper small ball 5 in Theis who can play the 3,4 and 5 at times. House and Nwaba for more defense and scoring.

Rockets are trending up currently so with this trade they should go up more with THT and Bradley and Bazemore providing more shooting and defense so if this continues then giving up their 1st rounder will not be a big deal but if they fall out of the play in game then the 2022 1st round pick is ours. We will give our 2023 and 2025 second rounders in return.

Credit for the above trade goes to QuickSniper 2020.

Thunder trade.

The Lakers get Lou Dort, Kenrich Williams and Mike Muscalla for Kendrick Nunn, Avery Bradley and Reaves or Bazemore. And the Thunder get our 2023 and 2025 second rounders and the 2027 1st rounder and we get the Thunders 2022 second rounder and via Wizards their 2023 1st round pick and 2023 second rounder via Wizards.

This trade gets us Dort who is the best defender on the Thunder if a little undersized. Williams is there for more size and Muscalla can space the floor and is not the best defender so he should only be out there in emergencies.

THT Thunder trade.

Lakers get Dort and Favors for THT and Nunn.

Favors can run the pick and roll and he can defend well. Dort we get under contract for the next two years at a low cost and he is one of the better defenders in the NBA.

Thunder, in my opinion, will get a better version of Dort in the future. They are about the same currently. We get a younger version of Jordan and he can play the 4 if need be at 6’ 9" height.

As for picks they get our standard 2023 and 2025 seconds and our 2027 first round pick. We get via Pistons 2022 pick, Thunder 2022 second rounder and via Wizards 2023 second rounder

Finally the Pelicans trade to round out the trade fan post for the Western Conference.

Lakers get Herbert Jones, Trey Murphy III, Gary Clark and Nickeil Alexander Walker for Kendrick Nunn and Kent Bazemore, Monk and Bradley.

Herbert Jones has been a defensive force at a young age and he can play the forward slots and even a small ball center if need be. He also shoots the ball well. Trey Murphy III is one of the players we were eyeing during the draft and he would provide a boon for the bench.

NAW is lanky and a good playmaker and scorer at his height of 6’6" 205 and he has a team option. Gary Clark is a stout defender and is in his prime.

THT Pelicans trade.

The Lakers get Josh Hart, Jackson Hayes and Gary Clark for THT, Austin Reaves and Kendrick Nunn and we get our 1st rounders we traded in the Anthony Davis trade. And we send them the typical picks that we have been sending out.

One final trade just for fun.

If the Pelicans really want to blow it up with Ingram and Zion then this is the trade I would do.

The Lakers get Zion, Ingram, Josh Hart and NAW.

Pelicans get THT, Kendrick Nunn, Austin Reaves, Josh Giddy, Isaiah Roby, Darius Bazley.

The Thunder get WestBrook, Trey Murphy III, Herbert Jones and Gary Clark.

As for picks here ya go.

The Pelicans get from us the 2023 second rounders both ours and via Bulls, our 2025 second rounder and 2027 1st rounder. The Thunders 2022 1st round pick via Pistons, via Wizards 2023 1st rounder, 2025 1st rounder via Clippers or Rockets and 2026 second rounder via Mavs.

As for the Thunder, Russ gets to return home along with two young players in Herbert Jones and Trey Murphy III while keeping SGA, Poku and Dort. The Thunder also get all the picks from the AD trade. The 2022 1st round, 2023 1st round, 2024 1st round to go along with all their other picks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this huge fan post and if you have any other suggestions of different trades let me know in the comments.

Happy trading!!!