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Podcast: Will the Lakers get involved in trade rumors season?

This trade season might get pretty busy; will the Lakers participate?

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Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are almost always involved heavily in NBA trade rumors every season, but under Rob Pelinka (sans Magic Johnson) they have yet to make a deadline deal. But with this season’s group trudging through seemingly endless stretches of muck, this might be the year Pelinka is finally compelled to make a deal, especially given the kind of talent potentially available on the market.

The issue is, however, there just isn’t much for them to offer. So, this week on “The Hook,” Aaron Larsuel and I discussed the situations in both Indiana and Portland, and whether the players potentially moving would seriously alter the title picture this season.

In Indiana, the Pacers are preparing for a rebuild, but famously never tank, so what would that fire sale even look like? If they don’t want to get so bad that fans stop showing up, then they’re probably looking for a player who can still help in return for parts of a core that never really did much.

I offered up a fun little trade that may or may not look something like this:

Surely no one will have strong opinions about that deal.

From there, we discussed the various dynamics at play both in terms of the actual situation in Portland, and how information is being portrayed and leaked from the impacted parties. Once again, I had a trade idea on that front and gave my frustrations with that entire news cycle.

Finally, we focused back on the Lakers, and the rumors swirling around Frank Vogel, now that Jeanie Buss has voiced her opinion on the matter.

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