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Introducing: The Pressure Cooker

A new way to watch Lakers games with us.

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When we moved halfway across the country to Texas, one thing that I didn’t know I’d miss so much was watching Lakers games with family and friends. I’m the only Lakers fan on our block and, given the time change, games are usually spent by myself in my living room with everyone else in the house fast asleep. Fandom is just better as a shared experience.

Turns out watch parties are significantly more fun than pity parties (this start to the season notwithstanding).

Twitter is fine, but still, hammering into a keyboard only to get yelled at for every other take is nowhere near the same as high fives, live laughter and all that good stuff. I mean, what’s better than yelling at a referee who will never hear you with a few fellow fans? Nothing, I say. Nothing.

All this was thoroughly hammered home as fans started returning to stadiums this year. Hearing the roar of the crowd after a year of fake noise was incredible. You never know how much you love something until it’s gone and all that.

Enough rambling, though. I’m here to announce something that hopefully offers us all an opportunity to enjoy the game together. Introducing: The Pressure Cooker.

Starting Wednesday — when the Lakers play the Heat on ESPN — I will be live-streaming myself and the occasional guest watching the last five minutes of nationally televised Lakers games. When we go live, links and video will go out on Silver Screen & Roll’s social platforms, whether you follow on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, as well as my own personal social pages.

Now, this is going to be a process filled with growing pains and everything else that comes with live content and, depending on how it all goes, this can definitely expand to longer parts of games, other big nights around the league, or whatever else you guys prefer. But no matter where it ultimately leads, I can’t wait to get going on this. Hope y’all come along for this ride so we can all watch the Lakers hopefully turn things around together.

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