Time to fire Frank Vogel

I truly believe this is the right time for the Lakers to let go of Frank Vogel. The players are moving on the court as if there are no set plays and most of the baskets made are on one-on-one plays. I don't have the numbers yet but I believe the current Lakers are in the bottom half in terms of assists made. Defense is horrible and Vogel insists on playing small players even if the opposition is bound to terrorize them on the paint. AD always gets tired because he has to take care on his own the bigs of LAL's opponents.

Kent Bazemore remains as a starter despite not scoring anything and if you'll look at it he is always lost on the defensive end. Review the tapes and see how many blow byes by the opposition has been made against him and yet Vogel allows him to play despite being a liability on both ends of the court. No disrespect to Baze but he has lost a lot in terms of athleticism and speed. Saw him last year with GSW and he looked a lot better but this year it seems like he lacks energy and enthusiasm and is being killed by the opposition on the defensive end.

I don't know about you but a shady offense coupled with a an extremely bad defense is a recipe for absolute disaster. There really has to be a coaching change sooner than later. This LAL team will lose more games if Rob Pelinka and Jeannie Buss will not heed my call. Time to make a move Rob and Jeannie!