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Magic Johnson literally has someone follow him around and tweet what he’s saying

Every story about Magic Johnson and his Twitter account feels more and more insane and yet also believable at the same time.

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World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There is no more compelling and wholly unimportant storyline for Lakers and NBA fans to follow than the saga of Magic Johnson’s tweets and how they’re formulated. With tweets that walk a fine line between parody and reality, each one feels like an artistic masterpiece, crafted to perfection before the “Send Tweet” button is pushed.

Somehow, though, the story is even wilder.

It’s long been reported that Johnson does not write his own tweets, using a ghostwriter to create his viral masterpieces. But it goes even further than that. On Friday’s episode of the “Pardon My Take” podcast, actor and Magic Johnson’s longtime friend Rob Lowe — not Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka — revealed some more details into the process of Magic’s tweets.

“I have new and breaking news. Last night, I found out that Magic Johnson does not physically do any of the tweets, which may explain some of it. So it’s articulated clearly across the room or while he’s doing 17 other things — a titan of the industry — and then there is a woman whose job is to figure out what he’s talking about and make it into a tweet. That’s the latest wrinkle which I think might warrant some further explanation.”

Is this an amazing revelation? Yes! Does this lead to so many more questions? Yes! Is there really a job where a person walks around with Magic and tweets out his random thoughts? Is that this person’s lone job? How does one get hired for that position? Does Magic tell this woman when he feels a thought is good enough for a tweet?

At least when it comes to that last question, Lowe did have a little bit more extra detail.

“I think he doesn’t say ‘send tweet’ so she never knows when it’s ending so you get what you get. I can promise here’s what it’s not. ‘Hey, hello, I have an idea for a tweet. Are you ready? Lakers look very stiff tonight, period. Perhaps they need a change in the lineup, period. Send that.’ I don’t think that’s happening.”

So, in essence, when everyone simply reads Magic’s tweets in his voice, it was incredibly spot-on as it appears he was, literally, saying those things only to have them tweeted. Naturally, then, it sounds like Magic has absolutely no idea how much of a viral sensation his Twitter account and tweets are, according to Lowe.

“...By the way, knowing Magic the way I do — I’ve known him since his rookie year — I’m not sure he’s aware of what a viral sensation he is. You know I talk to him, obviously, about it because you guys told me to. I’m nothing if not a friend of the Pardon My Take universe. I remembered what you told me to do and I asked him about it on my podcast.”

Earnestly, there should be an entire conversation, whether in a podcast or video or interview, about the entire process of Magic’s tweets from formulation of thought to the point they cross timelines across the world. And, apparently, the creation of the position for someone to follow him around to tweet those thoughts.

And of all people to provide this information, Rob “I swear I’m not Pelinka” Lowe coming in clutch.

Just a truly bizarre set of circumstances for one of the most intriguing stories that there just can’t be enough details from.

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