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Podcast: How quickly can the Lakers rebound from their opening night loss?

Sure, the Lakers can technically learn from their mistakes Friday night, but will they?

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

With the first week of the NBA season just about in the books, and the NBA’s stupid top 75 list finally behind us, Aaron Larsuel and I finally get to focus on (mostly) basketball!

In fact, we actually had this exchange in slack to celebrate a subject we didn’t have to touch on for the first time in the (brief) history of our podcast.

We started, however, with the latest on Ben Simmons, and try to figure out just how ridiculous this might get. We also discussed how the Sixers (or any other team, for that matter) might avoid this kind of situation ever again. I also gave my thoughts on what might actually force Daryl Morey’s hand in finally ending this nonsense.

From there, we got to focus on the basketball that was actually played and the real fans who got to enjoy those games, and what we’ve missed about the sport, featuring questions like:

  • Yes, the Lakers obviously fell flat in their opener, but how quickly might things turn around, and what might that look like?
  • Those same Golden State Warriors that handed the Lakers that first L have looked good in both of their games, so it’s worth asking whether they should start jumping up lists of best teams in the league.
  • How much does Jason Kidd hate math?

All things worth asking.

We segued from there to the league hating math by putting 76 players on a 75-player list. Good lord how perfect is that for this NBA regime? Aaron and I give our thoughts on the revealing process, and how the entire thing could be announced. One crazy thing to find out was how much he hates players from way back in the day.

Finally, in this week’s story time, he and I give our stories of the most disrespectful things we have ever seen in a practice setting, thanks to the hilarious reports coming out of Philadelphia.

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