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Rajon Rondo’s brother gets kicked out of Game 5 for calling Russell Westbrook ‘trash,’ becomes a Lakers legend forever

Rajon isn’t the only “Playoff Rondo.”

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Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Five Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers destroyed the Houston Rockets on Saturday night, ending the Western Conference Semifinals with a five-game gentleman’s sweep. Rockets star Russell Westbrook was abysmal in the game, shooting just 4-13 from the field and turning the ball over three times. He finished a -23 in 36 minutes after another weakness-exposing performance from the Lakers’ defense.

Before he finished off his night, however, he got into a verbal altercation with someone in the crowd, and unlike Game 1, it wasn’t just a bunch of infants in the family section he was screaming trash talk at. Rajon Rondo’s brother, Will Rondo, had evidently decided to join in on the Lakers’ series-long evisceration of Westbrook, and Westbrook wasn’t having it.

Will Rondo — who is hilariously not just in the bubble as a guest, but as an NBA employee, organizing the barbershop efforts the league has provided for players in the bubble — was thrown out of the game, leaving everyone curious just what he had said. After the game, his brother told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated:

“He didn’t say anything crazy, raise his voice and cuss... He called the man ‘Trash’” is instantly the best quote of the NBA bubble, and I don’t think I’m overstating it in saying that Will Rondo absolutely deserves a championship ring for his contributions here. Doing the Dame wave alone is just an indescribably hilarious move.

And look, if we’re being honest, the NBA should not be allowed to kick someone out for just saying the truth. Westbrook scored 19.8 points on 18.4 shots and had a plus-minus of -9 in the series against the Lakers. Whatever you think of his timing, Will Rondo wasn’t wrong.

Now, what on earth prompted this? That, we don’t really know. Does Will Rondo just regularly scream out his basketball opinions? Was he saying this to someone nearby and Westbrook just heard it, or is he — like his brother, Rajon — just fond of feuding with overrated Rockets point guards? Did he just accidentally look up Westbrook’s contract numbers on Spotrac and see that he’s owed nearly $130 million over the next three years? That last one would kinda explain just randomly yelling out “that man is trash,” if we’re being honest.

Anyway, Westbrook (understandably) was not happy about getting owned so publicly.

Technically he’s right, and the NBA did send a memo saying that family members have to contain themselves during games. But nevertheless, at least Westbrook doesn’t have to worry about it anymore after both Playoff Rondos waved him goodbye tonight.

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