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Frank Vogel needs more pizza in the bubble

What does an NBA head coach have to do to get a slice of pizza in Orlando?

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The Los Angeles Lakers had to sacrifice a lot to finish the season at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. They don’t get to come home to their own house, see their families or sleep in the beds that they’re accustomed to, among other concessions.

In an effort to give players a little taste of home, the NBA allowed guests in the bubble on Monday. However, there’s one slice of normal that the NBA hasn’t been able to give Frank Vogel on a regular basis: A nice, cheesy piece of pepperoni pizza.

After practice on Monday, Frank Vogel talked about the absence of pizza in the bubble and how he’s dealt with it so far.

“We had a pizza party [on Sunday], which, I’m not getting enough pizza in my life in this bubble,” Vogel said. “I usually eat it at least once a week, and I’m at a little bit of a deficit for my pizza eating. So we had a pizza party last night.”

As far as we know, there’s no rule restricting coaches from eating pizza at least once a week — if there was, that would be weird. Going with the assumption that Vogel is free to eat pizza whenever he wants, which, again, is likely, why is it that his pizza intake has decreased in the bubble?

It could be an issue of accessibility. According to our research, there are two pizza places with a three mile radius of Gran Destino Tower, where the Lakers are staying, but getting food from outside of the bubble is risky, as we saw with Richaun Holmes in July.

It’s also possible that the pizza that’s been made available to him in Orlando just isn’t as good as the pizza in Los Angeles, which, given the variety of options in L.A., can’t be ruled out.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious Vogel needs more pizza in his life. It could be the difference between the Lakers winning a championship and not. If it takes LeBron James franchising a Blaze Pizza in Disney World, well, then he’s just going to have to make it happen. Frank needs gameplan fuel.

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