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Podcast: Which team should the Lakers want to play in the first round?

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There is one team the Lakers should definitely want to see in the first round of the playoffs more than any others.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Toronto Raptors Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

In this episode of “The 30” — a podcast by Silver Screen and Roll — host Jas Kang was joined by guest-host Sabreena Merchant of SB Nation to discuss all the latest stuff going on around the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA bubble.

They kicked things off by discussing the Lakers’ loss to the Toronto Raptors in their second game of the NBA restart, and whether or not it’s a cause for concern for them. Following that, they got into how the games have looked and felt without fans in attendance at Disney World.

Then, Sabreena and Jas talked about how the Lakers have looked over their first two outings, where they need to improve going forward, and what some signs for optimism are amid a mixed, 1-1 start to play for the team in the NBA bubble so far. After that, they debated which team would be the most worrying first-round matchup for the Lake Show, and which teams they shouldn’t be afraid of playing.

Finally, following the break, they talked about Dion Waiters, and how Frank Vogel can best utilize his skillset, before wrapping up by giving their predictions for teams will be in the conference finals.

You can listen to the entire episode below, and to make sure you never miss a single one moving forward, don’t forget to subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.

You can follow Jas on Twitter at @jaskang21, and Sabreena at @sabreenajm.