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Jason Kidd made a ‘strong impression’ on Knicks, has apparently learned not to attempt coups anymore

Jason Kidd spending time as a Lakers assistant coach has helped his image as he pursued coaching jobs around the NBA.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers - Game One Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd has been something of a hot commodity this offseason. After ending up as the runner-up for the New York Knicks head coaching job, he has recently been touted as one of the top candidates for the still-open positions with the New Orleans Pelicans and Brooklyn Nets.

Thanks to a recent report from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, we also now know why. It’s not just that Kidd has helped the Lakers as they earned the top seed in the Western Conference, it’s also that he’s seemingly learned from some of his past professional mistakes:

Jason Kidd needed that rehabilitation year on the Lakers’ bench. Owners and executives wanted to see that he could be a good partner, loyal to the cause, and he has excelled with Frank Vogel. He made a strong impression on the Knicks in that interview process, showing humility and a humbled acceptance of some of his political missteps in Brooklyn and Milwaukee, sources said.

“Political missteps” is the nicest way anyone has ever phrased “tried to get your boss fired at one job, and then when it didn’t work got another guy fired at a different company so you could take his job,” which is literally what Kidd did to end up with the Bucks’ job he was later fired from.

Kidd’s time with the Lakers, by comparison, could not have been more placid so far. Kidd has been a trusted member of the Lakers’ coaching staff this season, as both a respected voice to players and someone who has built a great rapport with Frank Vogel. There hasn’t been a peep about him trying to take Vogel’s job, and the team has (outside of the bubble) had tons of success this year.

In that context, it’s no surprise he’s getting a look elsewhere, and potentially has even grown and learned how to better navigate the political waters of the NBA. If that means he ends up on a different bench next year, the Lakers will just have to hope it comes after Kidd helps them pick up a ring here first.

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