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Rob Lowe pretended to be Rob Pelinka at a Lakers season ticket holder event

That, or Rob Lowe and Rob Pelinka are just the same person.

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Rob Lowe Sighting at LA Lakers Basketball Game in Los Angeles - June 1, 1988 Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

If you’ve ever looked at Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and thought, “Hey, isn’t that Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation?” or “Didn’t he play Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders?” you’re not alone. There’s an undeniable resemblance between Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe — the fact that they share the same first name makes things all the more confusing. They’re literally identical.

Pelinka finally acknowledged his likeness to Lowe in an interview with “Elevator” Ernie Johnson on Wednesday, and he told two stories about he and Lowe have made light of their uncanny resemblance:

“The first that happened actually, Lon Rosen, the president of the Dodgers was at a Dodgers game — he’s a dear friend — and my FaceTime rings and it’s him in the middle of the Dodgers game. I pick up, and he hands the phone to the person sitting next to him and it’s Rob Lowe, and we had just signed LeBron James, so Rob Lowe says, ‘Hey, congrats on signing LeBron James,’ and I say, ‘No, congrats to you on signing LeBron James!’

“Fast-forward about six months later, and we had a season ticket holder event and Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis are really good friends with Rob Lowe — he’s been a huge fan of the Lakers going back to the Showtime teams. So they wanted to kind of lighten up and make the season ticket holder event a little bit more fun, so they had on the itinerary ‘GM discussion with fans about the team and the trades and the offseason,’ and when they introduced me, he walked out onto the sage and started talking. And all of the season ticket holders just assumed it was me talking.”

Now, this could just be a ploy to distract from the fact that Pelinka and Lowe have never been pictured in a room together, but in any case, it was fun to see Pelinka step out of the general manager role for a second and talk about something other than the latest book he read. I mean, someone who played for one of the most famous college basketball teams of all time, represented to Kobe Bryant and worked under Magic Johnson has to have some interesting stories, right?

This also begs the question of how many times the Lakers have replaced their employees with a famous celebrity look alike. Does Quinn Cook play for the Lakers, or did J. Cole make the trip with the team to Orlando? We may never know.

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