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Bubble Blogs: Stephen A. Smith and Danny Green talk about sex in the bubble

This is as hilarious as you think it would be.

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The headline above is one I never expected to write, but as one of the writers of our series that endeavors to discover how the Lakers are reacting to life in the NBA bubble, I would be professionally negligent to not bring you the latest conversation between ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith and Lakers guard Danny Green on the latest episode of “Inside the Green Room.”

A little over a week ago, Smith made headlines by addressing the elephant in the room regarding whether or not players will be able to last for up to four weeks without sex before friends, family, and other, uh... close personal acquaintances... will be able to join them in the bubble. He talked about his thoughts with Green and co-host Harrison Sanford:

The awkwardness of Green — who normally is not too shy when it comes to talking about things people do in the bedroom — trying to steer the conversation back towards missing family and his fiancee for reasons other than sex, followed by Smith seizing the wheel and steering it right back towards sex is one of the funniest podcast moments I’ve seen in a long time, and worth a watch for any Lakers fan looking for a laugh. The willingness by Smith to “go there” is among many reasons why that man is the highest-paid sportscaster at ESPN, as well as a national treasure.

TMI (Too Much Ink-formation)

The latest episode of JaVale McGee’s “Life in the Bubble” series may sound relatively tame on its face. He eats a couple of meals, sees some teammates and takes a bus. But the strength of these videos has been how amusing mundane tasks can become in the bubble, like McGee’s constant quest to make sure he’s actually being served vegan meals — in this episode thinking a burger tastes too good to actually be fake — and how boarding a bus can occasionally lead to the bus driver telling you about how their son got a tattoo on their pubes.

No, seriously, that last part actually happened, and the whole episode is another fun look behind the scenes:

This one also features McGee and Alex Caruso hanging out in one of their hotel rooms, which I don’t believe is allowed under the bubble rules, so don’t be surprised if we hear about second Lakers center getting a warning via the snitch line again soon.

Go Fish

Is Lakers rookie sensation Talen Horton-Tucker afraid of fish? It’s the question everyone is asking after he and Alex Caruso had differing accounts of their time on the water:

All we know for sure is the shirtless with the backwards cap holding a fish is the most Caruso has shown his Texas roots while with the Lakers. Meanwhile, THT looks like a tourist in the back, so honestly, I think we gotta go with JaVale’s retelling here.

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