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Bubble Blogs: Kyle Kuzma, and the art of the panini press

Kyle Kuzma may be an artist, but he’s no sandwich artist.

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The Los Angeles Lakers touched down in Orlando on Thursday, which means that all 22 teams that were invited to resume the season at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World are in the bubble. The NBA actually did the damn thing, or at least they’re going to make a modest attempt at doing it.

While the Lakers are in Orlando, we’re going to keep track of all of the silly things that the bubble environment provides in a new series called “Bubble Blogs.” If you came here with the hope that we’d be devoting a series to actual bubbles — like the ones you’d blow as a kid — we’re sorry, but now that you’re here, let’s get weird.

Kyle Kuzma is a genius

Kyle Kuzma exercised his mind during quarantine by reading books and painting, and his genius showed on his first day in the bubble. After seeing a handful NBA players post pictures of their sad poultry dishes, Kuzma had the brilliant idea of bringing a panini press into his room.

My biggest concern here is the roundness of the ciabatta roll. Wouldn’t a nice, flat brioche or sourdough work better on a panini? It also doesn’t look like there’s a lot going on inside of the sandwich. I’m not asking for a sandwich that would make Harleen Quinzel’s mouth water, but c’mon Kuz.

Has Rajon Rondo been to a Motel 6?

I’ve only been to a Motel 6 once in my life, and to my surprise, it wasn’t half bad. Granted, it was around the corner from Hollywood Blvd., so it may have been nicer than most Motel 6 locations, but still: I had modest expectations and they were blown out of the water.

That being said, if I had to choose between staying at that Motel 6 again and staying at a Walt Disney World resort, I’d choose the latter every time. Rajon Rondo, on the other hand, doesn’t see the difference.

Before the Lakers left for Orlando on Thursday, Rondo seemingly did a quick search to see what the room he’ll be staying in for the next several months looks like, and it’s safe to say he isn’t impressed with the Gran Destino, as he compared it to a Motel 6 on his Instagram story.

Now, I don’t know who should be more offended in this scenario — the Gran Destino or Motel 6 — but we know that there are no hard feelings on Motel 6’s end.

J.R. Smith needs a blanket

J.R. Smith was easily the breakout star of the Lakers’ first night in the bubble. Smith spent the later half of his day on Instagram Live, where he shared every thought — and I mean every thought — he had about the bubble experience, much to the chagrin of the NBA.

Smith probably would have logged off and went to bed if he had a blanket, but he didn’t, and when he finally got one, it wasn’t to his liking.

This is honestly the first time I’ve ever given any thought to how big NBA players’ blankets have to be. Isaiah Thomas can get away with buying a regular blanket from Target, but someone as tall as Anthony Davis, or even Smith, can’t. Don’t worry, J.R.: we are going to start a dialogue.

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