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J.R. Smith got kicked off Instagram live for revealing too much about NBA bubble

When keeping it real goes wrong.

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Image via J.R. Smith’s Instagram account.

It’s early, but it’s safe to say that so far the breakout star of the NBA bubble is the newest member of the Lakers, J.R. Smith. Smith went on Instagram Live nearly as soon as he arrived at Disney World, and he gave us an incredible virtual tour behind the scenes.

Maybe too incredible for the NBA’s taste, in the end, as Smith was apparently told to get off Live by someone for revealing too much about the bubble. But before he got the hook, he managed to produce several magical backstage moments, so if you had “week one” in the “when will J.R. have his first viral moment for the Lakers” pool, congrats, you win a prize.

First, like many of his NBA compatriots, Smith has some thoughts on the menu players are being provided for their first days in the bubble (a menu that will reportedly get better once everyone is no longer isolating in their rooms, we should note):

He has a point about the candy, but at least it appears that the food situation will get better in terms of the actual meals in a couple of days.

Still, the food wasn’t exactly Smith’s only problem with the hotel:

“Stay woke,” indeed, J.R. But that first complaint had a (sort of) happy ending at least:

And even if the hotel experience may not be up to par so far for Smith, it’s at least helping the team pick up their chemistry right where they left off:

That first video also featured one of the best Instagram Live comments I’ve ever seen:

No word on if Smith went and followed through on that viewer request, but we did get confirmation on one other thing: He is confident the Lakers are winning the title, or at least staying at Disney World for the long haul:

By the end of it, though, someone — maybe the NBA, maybe the Lakers, maybe a teammate, who knows — told Smith it was time to go, and our passport inside the Tragic Kingdom was revoked as he despondently signed off:

If this is our last look inside the bubble from Smith, godspeed to the NBA legend for bringing us all something to enjoy while we sit at home waiting for basketball to return. Smith has already proven he was the best possible signing the Lakers could have made for the bubble, at least for their fans’ sakes.

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