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The Lakers have officially signed Laker Film Room

The Lakers have made a big addition to their roster before the season resumes.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Whaaaat’s up Laker fans? Today I got some news for you. The Lakers finally have some backup point guard help, as according to four entertainment sources, the team will be signing legendary Crenshaw product Pete Zayas, aka Laker Film Room, aka Coach Pete, to a contract to solidify their guard rotation.

Standing a chiseled and handsome 6'5, Zayas is a wizard in the pick-and-roll, with decision-making as incredible as you’d expect for a guy that spends approximately 18 hours a day watching film and has like maybe two other interests. This is a great transaction window signing off the buyout market.

Zayas should replace R… hold on, actually, as I’m writing this, I’m seeing a tweet come in. Let’s see how Coach Pete is gonna describe his role:

Oh… It seems my entertainment sources weren’t quite as accurate as Pete’s were back in the day, but they were half right, so that’s something.

In all seriousness — and as much as I like ribbing Pete for entertainment-source gate — I just wanted to give our community a place to celebrate this awesome news, and make sure everyone saw it as soon as possible.

My internet step dad (IYKYK) is not only one of the most gifted and hard-working people to ever come through Silver Screen and Roll, and a guy I am so grateful I got to work with for any length of time. He’s more than just a pillar of this community and one of the most unique and talented people in the industry, as well as one of the most patient people in the world to put up with all of Anthony’s shit. He’s also one of the best and most loyal friends and mentors that I’ve ever had, will be a groomsman in my wedding, and just as good of a person as he seems like on Twitter (maybe even better).

But unlike Pete’s video on how Yi Jianlian was going to fit in with the Lakers, I don’t want to go too long on this. I just wanted to put something up about it, because this is a huge day for Lakers Twitter and this community as a whole. One of our own has made it. Pete is a Laker, and no one deserves this more.

Let’s get excited for some rare good news these days, and I’ll catch you guys in the comments.

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