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Podcast: Are dynasties doomed to be miserable?

“I Love Basketball” discusses why dynastic teams seem like they aren’t having any fun.

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010637.ME.0621.parade3.GF–Thousands of fans cheer as the double decker bus carrying the Lakers moves Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Two significant pieces of NBA pop culture debuted this week: “The Last Dance” and Ethan Strauss’ “The Victory Machine”, which examines the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Both of them seem to arrive at an uncomfortable conclusion that playing for a dynasty can be a miserable experience, so the “I Love Basketball” crew tries to examine why that is the case.

Anthony and Sabreena discuss the stress and pressure that come with being the favorite, and how expectations of winning a championship almost diminish everything that happens before the playoffs. They go through specific dynasties and what ailed the morale on those teams, be it internal conflict among the players or tension between the players and the front office.

They then shift the discussion to a dynasty that seemed like a lot of fun to be a part of: The Showtime Lakers. Anthony and Sabreena go through why it is that the Showtime Lakers managed to escape the disease of more that plagued so many other teams, and whether that is a replicable formula for other great teams.

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