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David Blaine makes Lakers question reality in new special ‘The Magic Way’

The Lakers got their own private David Blaine magic show at the UCLA Health Training Center in October.

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In October, the Los Angeles Lakers invited magician, illusionist and self-proclaimed “endurance artist” David Blaine for a “Genius Talk,” something the team started doing in 2018 to give their players an opportunity to get advice from people that are accomplished in a variety of industries. After their talk with Blaine, the Lakers were scheduled to have practice, but Frank Vogel decided to give his players the day off, and on Wednesday night, we got an idea as to why that was.

On Wednesday, ABC aired Blaine’s new special, “The Magic Way,” and it included a few segments of the Lakers having their minds blown by card tricks, which probably sounds silly, but these weren’t your every day card tricks. Who were Blaine’s first volunteers, you might ask? LeBron James and Anthony Davis, of course — with a sprinkle of JaVale McGee.

The Lakers’ director of sports performance Judy Seto got in on the fun too, with another assist from McGee, who must really enjoy magic among his other hobbies.

The last trick that Blaine did for the cameras involved Rajon Rondo, James and a guessing game with cards, but, unfortunately, there isn’t video of that one that’s available on demand yet.

Blaine’s illusions are obviously incredible, but the most fun part about the videos is seeing that these superstar players are ultimately just like everyone else when it comes to something as simple as card tricks. To be fair, though, did you see those cards disappear? They straight up vanished into thin air. If you didn’t react to seeing that, it’s because you’re 1. uneasily impressed or 2. an actual wizard.

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