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Jared Dudley says NBA players would say no to 50-game season and more offseason updates

Lakers veteran Jared Dudley does not like the idea of a 50-game NBA season, and it’s fair to assume that at least a few players probably agree with him. But at least practice facilities are now open while they decide!

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Over the last week, the negotiations between the NBA and National Basketball Players Association over when the 2020-21 season will start have grown increasingly tense and public.

Last Friday, multiple reports revealed that the league’s Board of Governors were pushing for a 72-game season starting around Christmas, which would mean free agency would take place around Thanksgiving. The Lakers — who only just finished their season this month — were understandably not thrilled about the quick turnaround time, with LeBron James reportedly one of several star players who thought that date was too soon. At least a decent chunk of players would appear to agree, based on NBPA executive director Michelle Roberts saying that they wouldn’t be rushed into accepting a December start while they decide what the best options are.

In a clear attempt to ratchet up the pressure, the ownership groups have now let their counter-offer be known:

That a resolution is still expected next week is good news, given that things appear to be getting increasingly acrimonious, even if the the two sides mutually agreed to avoid a lockout for the time being and continue negotiating:

It would seem the league has yet brought that up in negotiations yet, though, even if they’ve (apparently) discussed it internally:

But all that aside, it would seem things are still rather far apart — especially if the above report is really what the league is planning to offer — because Jared Dudley, who was the Lakers’ alternate player rep with the union this season and is as plugged into (and candid about) how most players are thinking as any current player, did not like the idea of playing just 50 games.

It’s fair to assume he’s not the only player who feels this way.

The reason? Money:

It’s unclear what the “drop-dead date” — i.e. when the two sides would need to figure this out before the owners used the force majeure clause to tear up the CBA and initiate a lockout, rather than continuing to extend that date as they have so far — is for these negotiations, but while they continue to go on, NBA players will at least be able to congregate together at practice facilities if they want to stay sharp and work on their games. With some restrictions, of course.

That being allowed would seem to indicate that the league is pretty optimistic all of this will get sorted out soon, and that the season will be returning sooner rather than later. Whether it’s in December, January or later, hopefully both sides are able to reach a fair agreement soon so we can learn when the Lakers’ title defense will officially begin in earnest.

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