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The Lakers said the job’s not finished. Now it’s a t-shirt

Commemorate the unofficial Lakers playoff slogan with a new t-shirt.

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During the NBA Playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers have clearly taken their cues from the late Kobe Bryant when it comes to staying focused on the task at hand. When asked about a the possibility of a 17th championship, or about celebrating any of the wins that led to it, to a man, the team has almost-universally echoed Bryant’s mantra from the 2009 NBA Finals: “Job’s not finished.”

“The job is not finished,” said Dwight Howard when asked about his mindset ahead of Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

“We’ve got so much more work to do. The job is not done. We’re not satisfied with winning one game. It’s that simple,” said LeBron James after the Lakers’ dominant Game 1 Finals victory.

“Job is not done. We have three more,” echoed Anthony Davis the same night.

This team is clearly completely locked in on what they’re trying to do, and if you want to commemorate their unofficial 2020 playoffs slogan, our friends at BreakingT may have just the thing for you: A Job’s Not Finished t-shirt.

And while the Lakers may be using the phrase in a basketball context, think of all the people you could inspire (including yourself!) with this shirt, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Need motivation to get up and start your day? Just take a look at the shirt waiting for you to put it on.

Someone in your group project won’t stop talking while you’re trying to plan? Do the shirt version of a jersey pop.

Your kid wants an early break from their chores? Just point at the shirt.

The opportunities for motivation are truly limitless. You can grab the shirt at the link above, and start reminding everyone in your life that the job is not done until it’s actually done.

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