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Your official Los Angeles Lakers 2019-20 hype video

A lot of people are picking against the Lakers. The team’s journey to prove them wrong starts now.

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Graphic via Zain Fahimullah / Silver Screen and Roll. Original image via ESPN.

Tomorrow, Sept. 27, the Los Angeles Lakers will have their official Media Day. Then, training camp begins. All summer fans have been waiting for the season to start. September has got to be the hardest month of all for die-hard basketball fans because trades and signings are basically over with, and the only Woj tweet notifications you get are him retweeting someone’s article.

The summer was much more exciting, especially by comparison. The Lakers acquired a top-five player in the NBA — and possibly the best big man in the game — in Anthony Davis. They also signed Danny Green, a respected defender as well as a 3-point sniper. Oh yeah, and they also have LeBron Freaking James.

After an offseason like that, one would think that a team with two players with an argument to be in the top-five in the NBA would be getting tones of preseason hype. One would also be wrong. I mean, just look at the image above.

Let me just say that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it’s a bit weird that a team with Anthony Davis and LeBron James is being considered... underdogs. Not only that, but people really seem to think LeBron isn’t the same player he once was. It’s fair to say he’s not the same guy as he was back in 2017, but he’s still a top-five player in the NBA.

All this buzz about LeBron not being the same player anymore have even gotten his attention. You know what should be scary for other NBA teams? An angry LeBron playing to prove people wrong. What’s should be even scarier is that he’ll be doing so while playing alongside Anthony Davis. We’re about to witness greatness.

Lakers fans haven’t had a team like this in a while. The era of no longer making the playoffs is over. Hopefully, with this new and improved team, Jack Nicholson won’t skip as many games as he has in the previous few years, because when the first LeBron to Anthony Davis alley-oop happens, the next thing i’d want to see is the camera panning over to him applauding with a big smile. Now that the summer is just about over, our first chance to watch him do so is almost here. It’s time to get hyped.

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