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Danny Green explains why the Lakers would be appealing to any free agent: ‘They got two f---ing superstars’

Danny Green thinks the presence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis makes the Lakers’ recruiting pitch fairly obvious.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard’s free agency has been unusually difficult to figure out, given how little we really know about the superstar. On the other hand, his teammate of eight years Danny Green has been remarkably forthcoming about the entire process.

While Green conducts basketball camps throughout Canada, he and his co-host Harrison Sanford on the “Inside the Green Room” podcast have been keeping the NBA community apprised of Green’s free agency, which happens to dovetail neatly with that of Leonard’s.

Green has been teammates with Leonard for the entirety of the 2019 Finals MVP’s career. The two were traded to Toronto from San Antonio together, and most people presume that if Leonard chooses to return to the Raptors, Green would follow suit, which is why he’s waiting for Leonard to make a decision before signing. If Leonard chooses to go to one of the Los Angeles teams, Green could also join him for less money or go to Dallas, which has been saving cap space for the premier 3-and-D wing on the market.

Even though the Lakers wouldn’t have a competitive contract offer for Green unless Leonard goes elsewhere, Green was very clear on his podcast about what makes the Lakers an attractive destination for a free agent (h/t to Lakers Outsiders for the transcript):

“LA, of course, they got two f—ing superstars there. It speaks for itself. And they’ve got other good pieces. Kuzma. They signed Jared Dudley, Troy Daniels, some shooters. And when you’ve got those two guys, you know the sky is the limit.”

Green started his career in Cleveland next to LeBron James. He then went to the Spurs with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginóbili, and Tony Parker while being on hand for the ascension of Leonard. If anyone understands the allure of playing with stars, it’s Danny Green. His comments also indicate that he would have interest in playing for the Lakers without Leonard because of the presence two superstars already.

Even though Green is waiting for Leonard to sign with a team, he doesn’t seem to have too much more knowledge of Leonard’s plans than anyone else. Out of deference to Leonard’s privacy and his first time going through the unrestricted free agent process, Green has given Leonard his space. He still has a line into Leonard, though, because all of this directly affects Green:

“I try to leave him alone cause I already know how hectic the process is. If I do communicate with him, it’s through [Leonard’s close friend] Jeremy [Castleberry]. It’s through his camp. Jeremy’s giving me updates. I don’t want to blow his phone up.”

It’s refreshing to hear Green’s transparency about free agency while Leonard remains a closed book, even if Green is also a little in the dark about Leonard’s motivations. Nevertheless, Green’s interest in the Lakers doesn’t appear to be tied to Leonard’s commitment, which gives the team a potential target should the first choice not pan out. Green is a proven championship performer who knows how to play with superstars and seemingly enjoys the fit next to them. There aren’t too many players left in the market like him.

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