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Anthony Davis reveals what LeBron James texted him when he got traded to the Lakers

LeBron James reacted to the Lakers trading for Anthony Davis the same way pretty much everyone who roots for the team did.

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Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Anthony Davis Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Anthony Davis, the Twitter timeline of the fanbase was basically about an hour of people tweeting some variation of “YEAH” of “f*** yes!”, with a couple other synonyms thrown in for variety.

It turns out LeBron James had pretty much the same reaction, as Davis shared during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from Tuesday night:

Kimmel: How quickly after you got that news did you hear from LeBron James?

Davis: Maybe like 10 minutes after? It was a long text, ‘yeah bro! We finally got you! Yeah!’ ... He was excited. That was a good feeling, just to have someone like that be one of the first people to text me.

It’s not really a surprise that James was so pumped, either. I mean, for one thing, have you seen how electrified he gets just for tacos? I mean, the man is clearly easily excitable.

But additionally, James had a bit more reason than normal to get amped up once he got news that Davis was on the way. It’s easy to forget now, a whole month or so later, but prior to that deal getting done, it wasn’t clear that the Lakers would be able to land a co-star for James this summer.

They weren’t the favorites for any star free agents, and it really did seem like things might be down to them getting Davis, or James spending another one of the final years of his prime on a team that didn’t look like a contender.

Now that the possibility of such a dark timeline is in the rear-view mirror, James should be excited. Now he can have Davis over for Taco Tuesday as a teammate rather than just a friend, and it’s a small wonder he hasn’t literally exploded as a result of his ensuing reaction to that reality.

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