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Kyle Kuzma is working out with Carmelo Anthony and Donovan Mitchell this summer

Kyle Kuzma is staying active this offseason, working out with one former NBA star (Carmelo Anthony) and one up-and-coming potential one (Donovan Mitchell).

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma tweeted “hoops & meetings today... man this life can’t get any better” with a prayer hands emoji to signify gratitude, which told us two things. One of them is that Kuzma might be the only person on the planet to like meetings, and the other is that he’s staying active in the gym this offseason.

We’ve already seen some footage of Kuzma in the gym this summer, and this week he’s also shared a few shots on Instagram of a couple of the guys he’s been working out with, including future Hall-of-Famer Carmelo Anthony and promising Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell:

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Pulled up on my dude Spida. ✊

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Kuzma and Mitchell have been friends for quite some time based on how much they tweet at each other, but the more notable workout partner here as far as Kuzma’s future goes is probably Anthony.

And before Lakers fans get upset and close this article tab, no, I’m not saying any of this means that L.A. should use its final roster spot to sign Melo. However, I think his hard-to-watch decline has made some people forget just how good he was at his peak.

And if there is one thing Anthony will be remembered for being incredibly technically proficient at during his career, it might just be his superb footwork. Melo was incredible at getting the ball in the mid-post and using jabs and feints to keep his man off-balance and free up shots. Now, did he always take the best shots out of that free space? No, but to act like there is still nothing Kuzma can learn from him would be ignorant.

So yeah, Kuzma calling Anthony one of his idols is going to lead to a bunch of Spider-Man meme jokes, or cracks about how he’s going to try and take more shots than anyone else on the Lakers. But hidden beneath those is a real chance for Kuzma — an already really polished scorer — to sharpen his offensive tools to an even further degree, an opportunity that could lead to increased efficiency from him as a tertiary scoring option for the Lakers this year. That could end up being big for the team, and turn into one of the most important sessions of hoops and meetings Kuzma will have this summer.

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