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Lakers, Sixers and Bucks are reportedly ‘frontrunners’ to sign Kyle Korver after Suns buy him out

The Lakers, Sixers and Bucks are all eagerly waiting for the Suns to buy out Kyle Korver.

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Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Three Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to have to find value wherever they possibly can as they round out whatever the roster might be following the impending free agency decision of Kawhi Leonard. One place they will likely spend quite a bit of time looking will be the NBA buyout market, and it appears their first such target is about to have a decision to make.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns agreed to a trade that earned a hearty chuckle from Twitter while everyone waits for Leonard’s next flight. Kyle Korver is heading to the desert, where he will likely be bought out. His suitors won’t surprise you:

Korver is obviously far past his prime, but he is still a legitimate deep threat and would be a welcomed addition as an end-of-the-rotation option for the Lakers. He will also be available for pretty cheap seeing as he’s already getting paid from his previous contract, meaning the Lakers can acquire him without affecting their pursuit of Leonard.

Last season, Tyson Chandler hit the buyout market earlier than normal thanks to then interim general manager and former LeBron James teammate, James Jones, doing him the favor of letting him hop on a contender sooner than the usual February buyout season. In this case, it behooves Jones and the Suns to waive Korver’s partially-guaranteed contract and save some money.

Robert Sarver, man. Good thing he got tax dollars to fund his next building.

If Korver winds up with the Lakers, Jones should get an honorary appearance in Space Jam 2. Make it happen, ‘Bron.

Somewhat unrelated but worth noting that Memphis still has yet to make a decision on whether they will buy out Andre Iguodala. Should he hit the market in that fashion, the Lakers would add two legit rotation players without impacting their cap situation, something they have to remain extremely mindful of in the case that Leonard does come to L.A.

Korver was from Paramount and one would imagine retiring in Los Angeles following one last chance at winning a title would appeal to him, but you never quite know with these things. We’ll see if the purple and gold can sway him to pass on his other suitors.

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