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Jared Dudley says he would have turned down Clippers if they tried to sign him, thinks Anthony Davis and LeBron James are the best duo in the NBA

Jared Dudley played with the Clippers previously, but says had they come calling, his choice would’ve remained the same. He really enjoys being a part of the Lakers — alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James — thus far.

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NBA: MAR 17 Nets at Clippers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jared Dudley played with the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2013-14 season. He very easily could have gone back now to an organization featuring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but says the decision to sign with the Lakers was one of the easier ones he’s made.

During a conference call with reporters on Friday, Dudley compared to two franchises and the brand opportunities they offer.

“If the Clippers would have offered me I wouldn’t have gone there, I would have gone back to Brooklyn, so obviously (my choice) wasn’t just Southern California. I think it was the opportunity to compete for a championship. An opportunity to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and then let’s be honest: The Laker brand. It’s probably the biggest brand in all of sports,” Dudley said.

All of sports is probably a stretch given the size of some European soccer teams, the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys, but the Lakers belong on the conversation among those brands, and any NBA player looking to grow his own recognizability would be wise to spend some time playing in Staples Center wearing purple and gold.

Dudley further explained what it’s been like to be a Laker thus far, and what him being on this roster means to him and his family. This was pretty cool to hear.

“Since I’ve been a Laker one week, social media is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, so it just shows you how big the brand is,” Dudley said. “And my mom was a huge Laker fan, so being able to have my dad, my mom and my brother drive up from San Diego and catch games, that usually has a huge influence, but I think to be able to compete for a championship, that was No. 1 for me, especially in the back nine of my career.”

Wait. Dudley’s a golfer?! Alright I’m in. Great signing, Lakers.

Dudley also had some pretty high praise for the two teammates sitting at the top of the roster.

”Seeing what the Lakers have done, they’re right there, and I can’t think of any better duo right now that Anthony Davis and LeBron James, so I like where we sit,” Dudley said.

The Clippers have obviously made immense progress — especially this summer — in trying to carve out their space in the Los Angeles market. This will be the first season where both teams are legitimately vying for a championship at the same time. The four regular season games they play against each other will be appointment viewing material, and that’s before we even get to potential playoff matchups.

Where Dudley fits in the rotation is going to be an interesting topic throughout the year, but the Lakers do seem to have quite a few guys on the roster who legitimately want to be there and are invested in what’s best for the team. You couldn’t quite say that about some of their previous signings.

As Dudley had previously pointed out, Los Angeles will always be a Lakers town. There’s just too much distance to make up. But this season is going to be fascinating nonetheless, and in large part thanks to the relationship between these two franchises. Dudley has bought in completely to this rivalry, and more should follow suit.

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