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Josh Hart wants the Lakers to sign Jimmy Butler and/or Kyrie Irving, build ‘a superteam’

Josh Hart is on quite the media tour, this time talking about teammates he wouldn’t mind seeing on the Lakers. We’re guessing most fans wouldn’t mind Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler, either.

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Josh Hart has been on a lot of podcasts over the last couple weeks, evidently with the intention of getting people ready for his own show, which is apparently something he thinks people want.

In the latest entry of Hart’s podcast tour, he hopped on “The Eavesdrop Podcast” and really stuck his neck out there and said he’d welcome playing with a couple all-stars should they make their way to the roster:

“S---, I hope we get a couple free agents. I hope we get a super team or some s---. I hope we get, s---, Jimmy, Kyrie. There’s no tampering for the players, so s---, I hope we get Jimmy, Kyrie... Just imagine if we had that. Like bro, and the thing is, all those dudes are good dudes, so everyone would sacrifice for each other. And people don’t realize, when everyone sacrifices and the team wins at the end of the day, that’s the biggest thing.”

You can watch the clip for yourself here:

Maybe Hart wasn’t paying attention to the Boston Celtics last season, but the idea of having sacrifice and Kyrie Irving in the same thought process following that disaster is, well, it’s fun, that’s for sure.

Now, sacrifice is a really weird concept that involves commitment from everyone involved. Maybe Irving would be more open to sacrificing parts of his game to someone he considers more of a peer than Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Irving has already won a championship alongside LeBron James so at the very least, he would understand the ends to those sacrifices a lot more tangibly than he did when Brad Stevens was trying to get him to take Terry Rozier under his wing.

Sacrifice is a huge part of winning and, now that Irving has seen what happens with a more self-centered approach, perhaps he’ll be more open to it as a concept. There are reasons to be dubious of such a turnaround (see: the last two years), but weirder things have happened.

Hart also seems to be kind of overlooking cap rules that would make things really difficult for the Lakers to sign both Butler and Irving, but no one needs to go into that right now.

Most importantly — and as Hart points out — winning is the biggest thing here. So whether that comes for the Lakers by way of Hart and some combination of a couple stars, or if Hart will have to carry a larger load because the Lakers struck out, winning has to remain the focus.

Now, back to thinking about Jimmy Butler’s shoes.

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