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Magic Johnson says LeBron James will allow Anthony Davis to have ‘one of his greatest seasons’ with Lakers

Magic Johnson brought his Twitter timeline to life in explaining how Lakers star LeBron James would help Anthony Davis.

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For years now, Lakers legend Magic Johnson has kept us riveted with his NBA takes on Twitter. It turns out his thoughts away from his phone are just as original. When asked about the impact LeBron James could have on Anthony Davis, Johnson says the fit makes sense.

During a BET Genius talk alongside Jemele Hill, Johnson detailed just how James might help Davis take his game to an even higher level than we’ve already seen (h/t: Showtime Forum):

“LeBron is still the best in basketball, and I think when you put another superstar with him, in Anthony Davis, both of them will allow each other now to really play their game and dominate. Because what happens (is) the floor will open up. And LeBron is such an incredible passer and driver, and he always makes his teammates better, so look for Anthony really to have probably one of his greatest seasons.”

Jokes about Magic’s Twitter brand of stating the obvious aside, it will be fascinating to watch two superstars whose games fit so perfectly get to play together. In other instances where superstars teamed up, usually there was some kind of overlap in skillsets that took a little while to figure out. With Davis and James, however, no such concern is there, especially if the proper supplementary pieces are added to the roster.

The idea of James-Davis pick-and-rolls is the kind of thing that should keep opposing coaches up at night, between both players’ sizes and immense levels of skill. Should both players stay healthy, it’s really hard to see this not working out.

Speaking of health, one benefit Davis stands to gain from playing alongside James is the opportunity to learn firsthand how James has managed to stay healthy over the vast majority of his career. Such an ability takes years of learning about one’s body and understanding its limits, not just in preparation for games, but in the games themselves.

While the concept of resting on the court is a tricky balance between that and laziness, James has figured out a way to find that balance more often than not, and could help Davis stay healthier while still being productive on the floor.

This dynamic is going to be incredible to watch this year, and in the seasons to come, and that’s before we get to whichever superstar might be coming next week in free agency. With the trade finally behind everyone, we can start to really get excited about what the Lakers might be capable of, now that the LeBron James-Anthony Davis era has begun.

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