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Video: The Lakers gave up a lot for Anthony Davis. Here’s why he’s worth it

The Lakers have been wanting a second superstar to play alongside LeBron James, and they finally got him in Anthony Davis. That makes this trade a smart — albeit pricey — gamble.

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Graphic via Grant Goldberg / Silver Screen and Roll

Snoop Dogg was actually right, and Anthony Davis is in fact on his way to the Lakers.

As you all have heard over the past weekend, the Anthony Davis trade FINALLY went down. Whatever your thoughts are on the trade, or whether L.A. gave up too many young players or future picks, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s so nice to know that the AD trade fiasco is actually over.

When Woj reported that the trade went down, I lost my mind. The first thing I did was watch about thirty Anthony Davis highlights on YouTube, as i’m pretty sure just about every fan did. Another way fans probably reacted to this trade was how Pete Zayas of LakerFilmRoom pointed out, they probably played with AD on the Lakers in NBA 2K, which if I owned the game I would have totally done.

And Lakers fans are losing their minds for good reason. Anthony Davis is a superstar. Not only is he a superstar, but he’s about to enter the prime of his career. He’s only 26 years old. Think about it, when LeBron turns 37 years old at the end of his contract, Anthony Davis will only be 29. He’d still be in his prime. They finally got their second superstar to place alongside LeBron, and it’s one who looks like he’ll bridge the gap to the next era of Lakers basketball as well:

In this video, I break down Anthony Davis’s pick and roll game, 3-point shooting, post-up game, and defense from his 2017-18 season instead of last season (which I did due to inconsistent minutes and only playing about half the season last year).

Davis’ defense is what impressed me the most. That season, he finished third in MVP voting and third in Defensive Player of the Year voting. He averaged 2.6 blocks and 1.5 steals per game, all while only averaging 2.1 fouls per game. Just to bring up one stat from the video, he held opponents to 51.3% shooting from the field when they shot from less than 6 feet from the basket. Rudy Gobert, who won Defensive Player of the Year, held opponents to 51.3% from that range.

LeBron James has never played with a player like Anthony Davis. He’s played with guys like Kevin Love and Chris Bosh who are stars and can do certain things AD does, but AD is just on another level. Get ready for Lakers tickets to go up even more with AD on the way, but like the Lakers’ pricey trade to get him, the basketball will make it all worth it.

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