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Mailbag Podcast: Is it possible for the Lakers to keep Lonzo Ball or Brandon Ingram out of a trade for Anthony Davis?

With a trade for Anthony Davis gaining steam, some Lakers fans are wondering whether either Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball might remain on the team.

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Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

If all the signs aren’t pointing towards an Anthony Davis trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, a whole bunch of them certainly are, with none louder than the Boston Celtics randomly trying to get back involved in the conversation Wednesday afternoon.

With all the rumors swirling, I first updated everyone as best I could given the minute-by-minute nature of the reports before I opened up the mailbag. I was especially interested in Boston’s random flip from moving off of trade negotiations for Davis to .... never having been undeterred? Huh?

Even more interestingly, while Boston reportedly never waned in their efforts to land Davis, we never got any specific report on what it’s been they’re offering. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN gave plenty of details of what Boston could offer and why Danny Ainge might be positioned to make a deal, but never got into what was actually on the table.

In the first segment, I parsed through all this information and came to the conclusion that it feels like Boston is allowing themselves to be used as leverage to drive up the price for the Lakers, but aren’t very close to an actual deal. They’re probably especially reluctant to push all-in seeing as Kyrie Irving just changed representation. Sure feels like he’ll wind up in Brooklyn.

From there, I opened up the mailbag to discuss a topic near and dear to everyone who has watched Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram develop over the years: Whether either might remain on the roster after a Davis trade. It’s not looking likely, especially with the Lakers grasping onto Kyle Kuzma with the same fervor he holds onto his Kobe Bryant impersonation schtick.

Frankly, it’s wild that Kuzma is holding up a trade of this magnitude, but this is the Lakers we’re talking about. Nothing is ordinary around here.

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