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Kyle Kuzma ‘Ya Welcome’ Lakers shirts now on sale

Never miss an opportunity to say “Ya welcome” with this brand new Lakers shirt — featuring Kyle Kuzma — from BreakingT.

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The Los Angeles Lakers sent Kyle Kuzma to the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago last week and he came back with the No. 4 overall pick. Going into the lottery, they had just a 9.4 percent chance of moving into the top-four.

Coincidence? Probably, but that didn’t stop Kuzma from taking credit for the way the numbered ping pong balls bounced. Following the lottery, Kuzma went full Kobe Bryant on Twitter and let everyone know who they should be thanking for the team’s good fortune:

Ironically, the Lakers winning big at the lottery increased Kuzma’s chances of being shipped to New Orleans in a trade for Anthony Davis this summer, as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN noted with Kuzma in the room, in an awkward moment:

Still, it’s a moment Lakers fans will never forget, and our friends at BreakingT made a t-shirt that captures the essence of that special day:

However, while the t-shirt might be commemorating the NBA Draft Lottery specifically, it can be worn on a variety of occasions, such as:

  1. Mother’s or Father’s Day
  2. Your wedding anniversary
  3. Christmas Day
  4. Your wedding
  5. Jury duty
  6. At school when you’ve done all of the work for your group project, even though it clearly says in the syllabus that it’s a group grade
  7. Like, literally all the other group members had to do was make one PowerPoint slide each! Just one! And they couldn’t even do that!
  8. Your child’s birthday party
  9. Your surprise birthday party that you threw for yourself
  10. When holding the door open for someone anywhere

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

You can get yours from BreakingT RIGHT NOW at this link! “Ya welcome!”

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