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Lakers have already met with Cam Reddish, who says he’s been told he will drafted in 3-10 range

Maybe the Lakers are doing due diligence, but Cam Reddish doesn’t have the college bonafides to go where he is apparently being projected.

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NBA: NBA Draft Combine David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA Lottery fully behind them, the Los Angeles Lakers have started doing their homework to figure out the best path forward for their use of the No. 4 overall pick that miraculously fell into their lap.

The NBA Draft Combine is already underway and, as one of the more polarizing attendees, Duke’s Cam Reddish is going to be a lightning rod for takes. As if that isn’t enough to stir up the masses, apparently the Lakers have already spoken to him.

Reddish just doesn’t really make sense for the Lakers given his overall lackluster year at Duke, so maybe this was just due diligence?

Oh no. Please no.

Okay well at least that widens the range a bit.

The Lakers desperately have to add offensive threats this offseason, and, well, Reddish simply isn’t that. In 36 games for Duke, he shot a pretty meager 35.6 percent from the field and 33.3 percent from three-point range (on 7.4 attempts per game). He did shoot 77.2 percent from the free-throw line, which can sometimes be a decent indicator of shooting ability, but that was only on 3.2 attempts from the charity stripe per game.

Obviously shooting isn’t everything on prospects, but given the Lakers’ very obvious need in that regard, it just doesn’t make sense to reach on Reddish with the fourth pick.

What is a little concerning is how much Reddish looks the part and the effect that might have on such an inexperienced front office. At 6’8” and 218 pounds (per Basketball Reference) and is a good athlete, he really looks the part and will probably dazzle in an individual workout setting.

Reddish is basically the basketball version of Blake Bortles. He checks a lot of boxes that might seem important at the time, but then gets out onto the field/court and ... is Blake Bortles.

Fortunately, the Lakers do have a very successful draft scouting department. Here’s hoping they lean on it and make a wiser choice than Reddish at the spot they’re drafting.

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