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Podcast: Brian Windhorst on the trade value of Brandon Ingram, whether Juwan Howard will be the next Lakers head coach and more

Brian Windhorst gave the latest on Brandon Ingram as a trade candidate, his LeBron James book and the rumors that Juwan Howard will be the next Lakers head coach.

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Brian Windhorst of ESPN hopped on “The 30” podcast on the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed to update everything surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers as they head into their latest absolutely crucial offseason. I also shared my thoughts on Jeanie Buss’ latest comments, which I found enlightening on several levels.

The 30

In this episode, Jas is joined by ESPN Senior Writer and NBA Reporter, Brian Windhorst. They start things off by discussing Windhorst’s new book, “LeBron Inc: The making of a Billion-dollar Athlete.”

WIndhorst shares some great stories from years past about how LeBron James became a business mogul.

Following that, they touched on Juwan Howard emerging as the surprise betting favorite to be the next Lakers head coach at a few sports books, and if there is any chance he ends up coaching the Lakers.

The guys then talk about what Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have to do this summer to make the Lakers a desirable franchise to play for, the NBA free agency class and if the team can still make a run at Anthony Davis — in short, Brandon Ingram’s recent condition has lowered his trade value, and as hard as it is to talk about that because his health is bigger than basketball, it’s something that has to be acknowledged as a factor in such a potential deal for Davis.

Listen below for their entire conversation and, for more Lakers talk, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.

Locked on Lakers

Jeanie Buss was asked about Luke Walton and Magic Johnson, and I found there was quite a bit to read between the lines in her answers. While her not going on the record to say Walton is definitely not being fired probably isn’t the best sign for his future with the organization, it was hugely interesting to hear the way she spoke about him.

Then, her comments on Magic only continued the theme of how deeply she values familiarity. But one of the first rules in business is to not going into business with those you have those kinds of personal feelings for. It’ll be interesting to see how she balances what’s best for the Lakers with her friendship with everyone she’s hired to run the team.

I also spoke briefly about LeBron’s comments on free agency and this offseason as a whole, which seemed to tie all this together.

You can listen to the entire episode below, and make sure to subscribe on iTunes, where you can also leave questions in the form of a five-star review to guarantee your topic makes the show.

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