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Podcast: Kurt Rambis, huh?

Jeanie Buss might really pass up on a chance at Bob Myers for Kurt Rambis and Rob Pelinka. She might actually do this.

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New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are still completely rudderless and Jeanie Buss is nowhere to be found. The longer she avoids speaking publicly about the team’s direction, the more people can speculate about moves she might be getting ready to make. As of right now, some of those supposed moves might legitimately hurt the organization. Today’s shows get to that, as well as how she can be held accountable should they backfire.

The Lake Show

This week, Harrison and I start by connecting the dots and confirming a lot of what has been seen as an all but official move: Kurt Rambis seemingly being chosen for one of the most sought-after positions in professional sports.

Why, you might ask? Because Lakers.

So, what would this mean for the Lakers moving forward and what does this signal to fans? Nothing good, to be honest. Jeanie will once again be foregoing decent process for the sake of proximity, even after the Magic Johnson era ended so disastrously.

We discuss all that, plus one of the best chapters of written word you will ever hear to random podcasters/bloggers summarize and react to.

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Locked on Lakers

Today, I welcomed Shawn Matian to discuss some of what he’s heard about the inner-workings of the Lakers and how they jibe with what I’ve been hearing. Very little of it inspires much confidence.

More interestingly than even that, though, is how Jeanie and her siblings could be held responsible should she continue to bungle things. If Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis actually get hired, is there anything that can be done to apply enough pressure to force a change at the very top? You might be surprised to hear that answer.

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