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Podcast: The season is over, and everyone from LeBron James to Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson deserve blame

Yet another Lakers season has ended in disappointment. Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson, LeBron James and Luke Walton all deserve blame.

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The LA Clippers all but officially ended their older brother’s season last night, beating the Los Angeles Lakers 113-105. Now that it appears the Lakers are hurling towards yet another hugely disappointing season, it’s time to slice up the blame pie, and not a single person involved comes out clean.

The Lake Show

Harrison and I joke at the beginning of the show that it’s time to bring back the Team Tank podcast (the real ones know). From there, things get pretty dark, pretty quickly.

In divvying up blame for the way this season has gone, the most logical thing to do is to trace back as far as the problems go. In this case, the issues very obviously start at the top. Jeanie Buss hired Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, who then had $31 million in cap space after signing LeBron James and somehow screwed that up.

But if a child crashes a car, the responsibility falls to whoever let said child get behind the wheel of said vehicle. In this case, the Lakers are reeling from hiring two people who had literally zero experience in the jobs roles they were hired to fill. Of course they’d fail. So the responsibility falls to the person who put them there with very poor process: Jeanie Buss.

After divvying up the blame, we played a couple games: First, we compared the list of non-draft acquisitions to the players the Lakers have let go or traded away. Then, we read from a chapter of Byron Scott’s book on leadership and success and, boy, it was a doozie.

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Locked on Lakers

Honestly, having ranted and raved for the last, well, six months to a year, I ran out of things to say about this season. I had hoped to be wrong about those concerns I had but as it turns out, those issues came to full fruition. So for today’s show, I looked ahead more than I looked back to find whom to blame.

As we get closer to the actual end of the season, I’ll get back into analyzing college prospects (or at least talk to people who are way better than I am at that kind of thing), but today’s show was more about dealing with our acceptance that this season didn’t pan out.

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