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Lakers will reportedly not offer Andre Ingram second 10-day contract

Today is the final day of the first 10-day contract Andre Ingram received from the Lakers, and they will not be extending him a second one. He will reportedly rejoin the South Bay Lakers.

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The Los Angeles Lakers will not offer Andre Ingram a second 10-day contract once his initial one expires at the end of Wednesday, according to Bill Oram of the Athletic. He will reportedly be replaced on the roster by South Bay Lakers teammate Scott Machado, who will be called-up on a 10-day contract.

Ingram’s second go-round with the Lakers wasn’t quite as successful as his first one last year. In four appearances, Ingram averaged 3.8 minutes per game and didn’t score a single point in six tries.

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though, considering Ingram didn’t have the same success with the South Bay Lakers as he did when he was called up last season.

In 35 games with South Bay this year, Ingram averaged 8.6 points per game on 39.3 percent shooting from the field, including 35.3 percent from behind the arc. Last season, Ingram shot a blistering made a blistering 47.5 percent of his 217 total 3-point attempts.

Still, it’s always nice to see Ingram get a chance with an NBA team because of how hard he’s worked over the last 12 years in the G League. It doesn’t hurt that he’s regarded as one of the nicest players in the league, either.

Following the Lakers’ loss to the Bucks on Monday, which was Ingram’s last game of his 10-day contract, he reflected on his call up and compared it to last year (via Spectrum SportsNet):

“I just said it to someone else: ‘Enjoyable.’ Last year, the two days, it was so fast and such a blur that during it, everyone was like ‘soak it in, enjoy the moment.’ And I tried, I just couldn’t. Everything happened so fast.

“With this I was able to (enjoy it). I was able to get some camaraderie with the guys, feel their love and get to know them, participate with different things we did on the road with each other. I had more time with the guys. I had more time with the team. It was an enjoyable experience, and this time I was able to take it all in and soak up everything.”

Ingram said that the most rewarding part of his experience this time around was being able to bond with his teammates, even if it was just for 10 days:

“I think whenever you have a season, whether you get called up or you’re with a team the entire season, whatever the case may be, you always remember the relationships. With my teammates, both times, this year and last year, they’ve just been welcoming to me. I haven’t felt like an outsider, I haven’t felt like a guy that’s barely played with them. I felt like I’ve been here the whole time. Everyone went out of their way to kind of make me feel that way. That’s huge for me.

“And also, obviously the fan support. I got quite some love on the road, which was kind of cool. The whole experience, last year and this, it’s been positive. That’s kind of the biggest takeaway for me.”

Ingram is now an unrestricted free agent and can be picked up by any team in the league with an open roster spot. If he’s not picked up by the end of the season, he will unrestricted free agency this summer.

If this is the last time we ever see Ingram in a Lakers uniform, he’ll be remembered for his inspiring story and his breakout game against the Houston Rockets last year, where he drained four of his five 3-point attempts. That’s not a bad legacy to have, and it sounds like even if he doesn’t make it back to an NBA floor, this is far from the last we’ll hear from Ingram.

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