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There are reportedly ‘a handful’ of teams that Anthony Davis would re-sign with besides the Lakers, but the Celtics aren’t on the list

Anthony Davis is reportedly open to re-signing with a few teams if the Pelicans trade him there. The Lakers and Knicks are on the list, and more importantly, the Celtics aren’t.

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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

With just a few days left before the NBA trade deadline, Anthony Davis and Rich Paul have potentially made things somewhat more difficult on the Los Angeles Lakers. According to two of the biggest NBA insiders, there are apparently a few teams other than the Lakers — including the Milwaukee Bucks — that Davis is willing to sign long-term with.

Two things: First, color me shocked that the Boston Celtics would be consisdered less than trustworthy long-term after their treatment of Isaiah Thomas. Anthony Davis Sr. seems to think so, anyway. Second, Woj, you’re great. But please learn how to thread tweets. Thanks.

Now, onto the actual update. Honestly, this wreaks of the New Orleans Pelicans doing whatever they can to stir up the market, forcing the Lakers to improve their offer. The more teams believe they can convince Davis to stick around long-term, the higher the likelihood becomes that they attempt to blow away the Pelicans before the deadline.

It’s also interesting that Woj knows there’s a list, knows that the Celtics aren’t on it, but doesn’t know which actual teams other than New York and L.A (or at least isn’t reporting them, which would be strange). Maybe a list does exist, but this very leak very obviously serves New Orleans, so it makes you wonder what might actually be going on here.

Really though, this doesn’t change anything at all for the Lakers. They still have their trade proposals on the table and one such offer likely includes everything not bolted down in the Lakers organization. If Davis really does have eyes for others teams, that just means the Lakers have more competition and really can’t play these trade negotiations cute. But that’s basically always been the case.

Expect even more leaks like this to come out over the next four days until the Feb. 7 trade deadline, though. And, as they do, ask yourself who stands to benefit from that information being made public. In this case, it’s the Pelicans. The next leak will likely benefit the Lakers. And we’ll be here to watch this tennis match play out and give you every update as it comes.

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