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LeBron James tweets about NBA insiders during the Super Bowl, shows he’s just as ready to hear about the next Anthony Davis trade rumors as the rest of us

Lakers star LeBron James was as bored of the Super Bowl as the rest of the country, and he fired off a tweet seeming to imply that he’s ready for some NBA insiders to reveal the latest Anthony Davis rumors

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NBA All-Star Game 2018 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Anthony Davis rumors have been developing nearly all week, and there are still four days to go before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 7, meaning that 1) this saga isn’t set to end yet and 2) that LeBron James is just as eager as Lakers fans are to see what the team does.

To that end, James did something many Lakers fans themselves have been doing over the past week: Wondered aloud on Twitter when the next #Wojbomb was set to go off:

This tweet by itself was more entertaining than the Super Bowl halftime show — and arguably more entertaining than the game itself — but it’s more meaningful in that it’s the latest example of James (seemingly) publicly agitating for Davis to join the Lakers.

Earlier this season, James set off a media firestorm when he said it would be “amazing” if Davis were on the Lakers. While James later attempted to downplay those comments, someone as smart and calculating as him knew what he was doing, and as he said, he simply “played by the rules.”

This is also arguably as relatable as James will ever be for Lakers fans, who judging by my Twitter notifications and this site’s analytics, are ravenous for the next update in the Davis saga.

Plus, based on James’ tweets (and like most football fans on Super Bowl Sunday), it would probably seem safe to guess James channeled his own inner “walk into Staples Center with a wine glass” mentality while watching the game:

The Lakers don’t play again until Tuesday, so James will have plenty of time for load management between now and then. And who knows? James may even have more help to manage his workload by that point, whether in the form of Davis or any of the other players the Lakers have been rumored to be pursuing.

Until then, we all know James will be glued to his phone, waiting for the #Wojbombs just like the rest of us.

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