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Podcast: Magic Johnson has to be more careful speaking publicly

Magic Johnson likes to speak plainly, but doing so cost the Lakers yet another tampering investigation. He was eventually found innocent, but he still needs to dial it back.

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As a member of the media, distantly connected to the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson was clear to make any kind of proclamations he might’ve wanted about the league and the team. Now that he’s president of basketball operations, however, he has to show more tact. Today’s podcasts focus on the latest and most obvious gaffe.

And yes, it was still a gaffe, even if the Lakers have been cleared by the league any tampering charges.

The Lake Show

On today’s episode, Harrison and I take you through this weird game of telephone between Ben Simmons’ brother, a rogue Sixers employee, Elton Brand, Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson, “Serial” style. (Important note: Neither Harrison or I have listened “Serial,” but we do have thoughts on cereal, so it’s close enough, we think)

Once we get through the various oddities of the story, we discussed this weird spot the league finds itself in now that it all-of-a-sudden kind of cares about back-channeled conversations that have gone on for decades.

Whether or not the Lakers were cleared, Magic’s comments over the weekend reopened what had been a dead story. Given the extra scrutiny the Lakers are under for potential cases of tampering, he has to be more careful.

We finish with a discussion of Anthony Davis’ desire to want to play out the rest of the season. You’ll be shocked to hear that Harrison and I — and his cat — disagree. Listen below for the full conversation and for more Lakers talk, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.

Locked on Lakers

Today’s “Locked on Lakers” starts with a discussion on Anthony Davis and why league still has to at least try to make it look like it cares about entertainment.

Segments two and three cover yesterday’s story and the main lesson from it: That Magic should add media lessons to his tampering classes.

Listen to the full conversation below and subscribe on iTunes, where you can also leave questions in the form of a five-star review to guarantee your topic makes the show.

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