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Video: Ranking the Top 10 Lakers dunks of the decade

The Lakers have had a ton of high flyers on the team in the past decade, so I decided to put together the top 10 dunks of the last 10 years before we get to 2020.

Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have been blessed with many talented dunkers during the last decade, a group that’s featured players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shannon Brown, Larry Nance Jr. and Alex Caruso. As a result, it was tough to put together the top 10 dunks from the past ten years, but it had to be done.

There were many honorable mentions that I wanted to make the list, like Larry’s dunk on David West, Kobe’s reverse dunk on Matt Barnes, and Julius Randle’s dunk on Tyler Zeller, but ultimately there were better slams. Let me show you:

Here’s the order in which the dunks ranked for reference:

10. Brandon Ingram’s dunk on Corey Brewer (2019)

9. Alex Caruso’s viral putback dunk vs Warriors (2019)

8. LeBron James dunking on Nemanja Bjelica (2019)

7. Kobe Bryant’s dunk on Emeka Okafor (2011)

6. A two-way tie between Larry Nance and Shannon Brown’s OBJ reach dunk (2018 & 2011)

5. Kobe Bryant’s dunk on Josh Smith (2013)

4. Larry Nance Jr. introducing himself to Kevin Durant (2017)

3. Kobe Bryant’s dunk over two Brooklyn Nets defenders (2013)

2. Xavier Henry’s famous dunk on the Pelicans (2013)

1. Larry Nance Jr.’s legendary posterization of Brook Lopez (2017)

Nance Jr. and Kobe dominated this list, which is understandable as they both were on the team for a good amount this decade (as you may have noticed, there was a lot of turnover during the last 10 years). They totaled for six of the ten dunks. Most of Nance Jr.’s dunks were high flyers mixed with posterizations, whereas Kobe dunked at the heart of the defense. LeBron was only on the team for a season and a half, but his dunk on Bjelica easily made the list.

But the top dunk, to me, still had to be Nance Jr. posterizing his future teammate Lopez. To be able to dunk on a seven foot center like that and have even the opposing team’s bench reacting like that... It just leaves no question on what the No. 1 dunk of the decade was.

Here’s to a New Year — and next 10 years — filled with plenty more posters.

These rankings are inarguable and factually correct, but if you disagree and want to tell me why you’re wrong, please feel free to do so in the comments below. For more Lakers talk, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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