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Anthony Davis thinks he and James Harden could each score more than 80 points in an NBA game

And he’s probably right.

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2019 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

Only two players in NBA history have ever scored more than 80 points in a game: Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant. While both players played for the Los Angeles Lakers during their respective careers, Bryant is the only one that did accomplished that feat while wearing the purple and gold.

Will anyone ever do it again? Anthony Davis thinks so.

During a recent interview on the “Dan Patrick Show,” Davis said that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Houston Rockets guard James Harden explode for a 70-point or 80-point game:

Do you think James Harden is going to score 70 or 80 in a game?

“For sure.”


“For sure. I mean, the things he’s able to do on the basketball floor are unreal. We haven’t seen anyone like it. Getting to the free-throw line at ease, the step back, he’s able to pass. I think it’s definitely coming.”

As far as hot takes go, this one from Davis is lukewarm. Harden has led the league in scoring in each of the last two seasons and this season he’s averaging a career-high 38.9 points per game. In five games this season, he’s scored at least 50 points.

If Harden maintains his points per game average through the end of the season, he’ll rank third all-time on the single-season points per game ladder, trailing only Wilt Chamberlain.

It would be genuinely surprising if Harden didn’t go for 80 points at some point in his career, but Harden isn’t the only Davis thinks can get 80. He thinks he can do it, too:

“With 45 shots, I think I could probably get you 80.”


“Or 85, yeah.”

What’s the most you’ve ever scored in a game?

“The most I’ve ever scored? 59.”

Davis going for 80 isn’t that far fetched, either, although Harden getting 80 is just slightly more realistic because he’s the Rockets’ primary ball-handler. As a big, Davis’ teammates would have to work with him for him to get 80.

Luckily for Davis, his current teammates seem pretty on-board with him padding his stats, so maybe he really can go join Bryant (and possibly Harden) and make some history.

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