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Danny Green dunking over Allen Crabbe: A brief oral history

The Lakers were as surprised as you were when Danny Green dunked on Allen Crabbe.

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Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES — Undoubtedly the highlight of the night as the Los Angeles Lakers took down the Atlanta Hawks, 122-101, was Danny Green dunking all over Allen Crabbe while following a miss from LeBron James. The Lakers broadcast went berserk, as did Green’s teammates and everyone on Twitter:

Seriously. Look at Quinn Cook, Jared Dudley and Avery Bradley:

Dwight Howard looks like he had to physically grab his own face to keep it from melting off of his body:

Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy had to hug someone out of an apparent belief that a dunk from Green must mean the rapture is imminent:

Their surprise is understandable. The dunk was just the 48th of Green’s 11-year career. So with all that context in mind, after the game, we in the media asked the Lakers for their reactions to Green’s aerial acrobatics.

Here is a lightly edited account of what they had to say about what they saw in the moment:

Danny Green: ”I don’t remember, honestly I blacked out.”

Frank Vogel: “I think he got a little boost, I’ve got to see it on tape. I don’t know if that was all Danny reaching the top of the backboard throwing that one down.”

Green: “I did (get a boost). I did. I didn’t want to mislead anybody, it doesn’t happen often... We got the rebound, ‘Bron got a good shot. (I got) a little extra help from the defender, a little bump up. It was good timing. I got lucky. Sometimes you get lucky.”

Dwight Howard: “I thought it was Anthony Davis... Was that his first career dunk?”

Kyle Kuzma (via the L.A. Times): “I didn’t know he could dunk, honestly.”

Green (via the L.A. Times): “Shit, me neither.”

Howard: “My reaction was crazy... When I saw it on Instagram or whatever I was like ‘man, I didn’t know I did all that. But I was just shocked. I was really shocked to see Danny get up like that... One of the best dunks of our young season by a guy you never would have thought could dunk like that.”

Anthony Davis: “He kind of surprised all of us. He said he missed one last game so he owed us one, and he shocked us all.”

LeBron James: “That was special. That was UNC Danny right there going up and getting that one.”

Vogel: “That was an electric play.”

Danny Green: “Don’t expect a lot from me this year, or any years to come. I’ll be on the perimeter a lot more than put backs.”

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