Our Season Is Over


10 point loss to a top 3 nba team with potential championship DNA? Yes, there were things that didnt go our way, but we still put up 102 points without Lebron going for 27. & No KUZma. I don't see Lebron playing PG all season, and I think Rondo will ultimately start at the 1 with Kuzma back in the lineup and AD at the 5... This was a game of runs, which is a good thing because good basketball is a game of runs. We will work on the offense... AD needs to receive the ball further away from the post so he can turn and face... he is legit unstoppable in that position. On the other hand... why am i sensing another Loss to Jazz this friday... THT could also become a legit role player if he buys into defensive presence because it's exactly what's needed for the longer wings that Lebron can't run with all night.

But i must say... the League should be very scared of both LA teams.