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Doc Rivers gets that L.A. is a Lakers town, but admits it bothers him that they claim titles from Minneapolis

Doc, come on.

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Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Doc Rivers loves to needle the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. Given any opportunity, he’s going to throw a couple jabs he knows will provoke anyone paying attention, no matter how illogical the point he’s trying to make might be.

I’m sorry, Doc, but there’s just no way that anyone actually believes Kendrick Perkins would’ve changed anything in the 2010 NBA Finals. He’s Kendrick Perkins. Lamar Odom better.

Most recently, though, he was asked by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated about Los Angeles being a Lakers town. Rivers allowed that it is, but took issue with something a former Celtics coach might want to leave alone:

“It is a Lakers town. I’m good with that. I have no issues with that,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told The Undefeated from his Staples Center office recently. “They have how many titles that they’ve won here? You know, they claim them all, but they only won a certain amount here. I will say that. That actually bugs me a little bit. … Having said that, that’s generations of loyalty.

“I look at us as, we’re creating our own movement. … We’re not trying to take away shine from the other. We’ve got our own thing going. I never thought we could get our own thing going. That was what I was so frustrated with being here. And now we got our own thing going.”

To paraphrase Bugs Bunny: Shut up, Doc.

This is probably all at least somewhat in jest, and it’s the kind of stuff just adds to what I hope becomes a cool high-school-esque, cross-town rivalry, but he’s just so annoying.

Is there an argument for those titles not counting seeing as they took place in a completely different city and with a different owner? Absolutely. But there’s just as strong a case against many of Boston’s titles because they essentially took place in a different league. The team has only won six titles outside of the 50’s and 60’s (Bill Russell’s career, when the league only featured 14 teams). Wyc Grousbeck bought the Celtics in 2002, and the franchise has won a single title in that time. Rivers’ current Clippers have also won zero championships since the league was founded.

Please take care of business tonight, Lakers. Though we all know Rivers wouldn’t count it if they do win, because Paul George isn’t playing. Or counting the victory would at least “bug” him.

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