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Podcast: Anthony Davis miraculously overcomes injury to save Lakers season from the brink

Having incurred a thumb sprain the internet made sound like could potentially be career-ending injury last week, Anthony Davis made an incredible recovery to return to the Lakers last night.

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

While the Los Angeles Lakers were still in China, they had their season potentially pushed to the brink thanks to a positively gruesome thumb sprain suffered by superstar power forward, Anthony Davis. Somehow, he found the strength to overcome basically losing his hand and returned to the court Wednesday night as L.A. dominated the Golden State Warriors.

Here is video of the initial injury. Try not to look away.

Brb gonna vomit.


So for those keeping track at home: Davis lost his fingers in China, then regrew them at some point over the Pacific Ocean as the Lakers flew back home, retrained them to match the abilities of his old digits, and somehow looked like his normal self, all in less than a week.

If you tried to write that in a Hollywood script, they’d either reject you or send it off to the SyFy Channel. Or at least significantly alter the original post about it.

So let’s say Davis’ fingers didn’t actually fall off as was originally speculated, and he merely suffered the same injury that has knocked an actual Saint out of action for more than a month, as this guy reported online. This means Davis has gutted out the kind of injury so debilitating that has kept Drew Brees from even gripping a football:

It’s almost like it was a completely different injury or something. Almost.

Fortunately, everyone has covered Davis’ injury with the utmost class and grace, and definitely never showed glee over a professional athlete who makes their entire livelihood off of their physical wellbeing potentially seriously hurting himself!


On today’s show, I celebrated Davis’ miraculous recovery, as well as everything else that took place as he and the Lakers wiped the floor with the extremely shorthanded Warriors. Inspirational stuff, really.

Hopefully the above was obvious sarcasm. It’s almost like a thumb sprain is not the end of the world, as much as NBA Twitter wanted it to be. You can listen to the entire episode below, and make sure to subscribe on iTunes, where you can also leave questions in the form of a five-star review to guarantee your topic makes the show.

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