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The Pelicans reportedly have ‘no interest’ in trading Anthony Davis to the Lakers

BREAKING: The Pelicans don’t want to trade their star player, Anthony Davis, to the Lakers, a historically good team.

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In a shocking new development in the ongoing Anthony Davis trade saga, the New Orleans Pelicans have reportedly made it known they don’t want to trade Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. Who could have predicted that except for literally everyone?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Pelicans have “no interest” in “acquiescing” to what Davis and the Lakers want. What exactly does that mean?

“Acquiescing” is just a fancy way of saying “submitting” or “complying” — I know that because I just looked it up. Meaning, the Pelicans aren’t going to trade A.D. to L.A. just because he and his camp have basically asked them to, which ... duh.

The Pelicans have zero incentive to do the Lakers a favor by trading Davis, a perennial All-Star in his prime, to L.A for pennies on the dollar. Just like every other team in the league, the Lakers are going to have to put their best offer forward and hope it’s enough for Dell Demps and Co.

However, this report is just the latest indicator that the Pelicans probably aren’t going to trade Davis before the trade deadline on Feb. 7, even if the Lakers are willing to offer them everything.

Instead, it’s likely that they’ll wait until the summer when teams like the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics will be able to make their best offer for Davis. In fact, according to Woj, the Celtics have asked the Pelicans to wait until the season is over so they can do just that.

Does that mean it’s a sure thing Davis won’t be suiting up in the purple in gold in the near future? Perhaps not, but if he’s not on the team by the trade deadline, those chances get significantly smaller. Here’s hoping the Lakers leave no stone unturned, despite the Pelicans’ best efforts to stop them.

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