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Podcast: How reporting shows the Lakers aren’t actually interested in Carmelo Anthony

The Lakers keep getting linked to Carmelo Anthony, but the reporting connecting him to the team doesn’t make it seem like they’re actually all that interested.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Following an expectedly lopsided affair against the Golden State Warriors, there really wasn’t much to actually analyze in regards to the Los Angeles Lakers. A combination of that, plus Harrison actually being in my house makes for potentially disastrous podcast fodder. Yes, we got into the Carmelo Anthony stuff.

The Lake Show

With Harrison once again spitting on the couch that supports him, we trudged through a game in which the Lakers had no true primary creators against maybe one of the greatest allotments of NBA talent the league has ever seen. As you would expect, the Lakers got steamrolled.

With how dire the injury situation has become, Harrison asked a question no one wants to be particularly honest with themselves about right now: When is it time to start worrying about whether the Lakers make the playoffs? Yeah. This got dark real quick.

We also discussed whether Lonzo Ball’s injury might force the Lakers’ hand in acquiring a point guard, how complicated this trade deadline is going to be, Kyle Kuzma’s struggles and some vaguely employed NBA player who wants to be a Laker, and why it doesn’t seem like the team actually wants to #BringMe7o.

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Locked on Lakers

You never want to look too deeply into a game like last night’s blowout at the hands of Golden State, but you also have to continue to notice trends as they happen. On today’s episode of Locked on Lakers, I offer up a few notes that have become increasingly obvious recently.

First and foremost, the Lakers have to stop trying to trot out these point-guard-less lineups. They just don’t have the personnel to make life easy enough on those tasked with creating for everyone else (in this case, Brandon Ingram and Lance Stephenson). This is no new trend, either. It hasn’t worked this year, and it probably never will with anyone other than LeBron James and the de facto point guard.

Also covered: Kuzma’s shot selection and Ivica Zubac being the best center the Lakers have right now.

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