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LeBron James and Kevin Durant rapped in a song together and it’s not very good

Lakers fans have to hope LeBron James and Kevin Durant will collaborate in a very different way next summer.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Apparently, during the 2011 NBA lockout, LeBron James and Kevin Durant — left without their typical release of playing basketball in front of thousands — needed a new outlet. So they went to the studio. Until now, the results of that session had not been fully released. Well, now they have been.

It’s like they say: Rappers want to be NBA stars and NBA stars want to be rappers. It would seem in this case, God didn’t give with two hands (although it should be mentioned Durant want quite a bit better than James, who should probably stick to being the best basketball player alive and his many other endeavors outside of rap).

The details of how this went down are definitely interesting, though. (via Jabbari Weekes of Vice):

According to Canton, OH producer/engineer Franky Stewart a.k.a. Franky Wahoo, who has worked with MGK, only Durant was supposed to show up. “But then Lebron James ended up showing up and then Kevin Durant had instrumentals that he’d already written on,” he says. “At this point, I was just kinda there like ‘oh shit.’” Essentially, he’d witness the basketball equivalent of Watch The Throne.

What’s wild to think about is that both LeBron and KD played for different teams at the time of this song. Feels like forever ago that James was a member of the Miami Heat and Durant played in Oklahoma City.

So why hasn’t the song been released after all these years, you ask? Let Wahoo explain.

“This is the first time LeBron’s been human, [and] he’s not good at this. And [they may have felt] it would have made him seem less of a superstar in the public eye.”

As Wahoo tells it, the song was originally supposed to end up NBA 2K19, but that didn’t happen, and so he decided he might as well release it now.

The song isn’t bad enough to create worries about its effect on James or Durant’s star, but it is really, really not good. Although again, I should point out before KD sends me an angry DM that Durant’s verse was actually decent. Shouts to Jamaal Tinsley. LeBron’s was... less good.

You can listen to the song in its entirety below.

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