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LeBron James takes challengers for the crown in new NBA 2K19 trailer

LeBron James takes center stage in the new Lakers uniform in the new NBA 2K19 trailer.

Screenshot via NBA 2K

Earlier this summer, pictures of LeBron James in the brand new Lakers unis hit the internet and next to the view from the Griffith Observatory at night, it’s the single most beautiful thing ever seen in Los Angeles.

We’d later find out that the pictures were taken on the set of a trailer for the upcoming 20th anniversary edition of NBA 2K19. With the game scheduled to launch at midnight on September 7, the team at 2K put out a last-minute trailer to get fans hyped for this year’s edition of the game, which will feature James on the cover for the second time in his career.

Needless to say, mission accomplished, 2K.

In the trailer titled “Come for the Crown,” James challenges his opposition to take the throne from him. As many former and active NBA players will tell you, that’s easier said than done.

James also addresses his critics that think he will start his inevitable (right???) regression this season, saying “This king is far from finished.” How many 33 years old can say that with a straight face, let alone 33 year olds entering their 16th season in the NBA? With no offense to Kendrick Perkins, none.

Here’s the full transcription of James’ speech, which is as inspiring as the speech Mel Gibson gives at the end of “Braveheart.”

Every reign comes to an end

The crown is coveted by all

I know you’re coming

I hear your footsteps

I feel you creeping closer

But this king is far from finished

THIS you have to work for

THIS you will have to earn

You already know my name

It’s for the world to know yours


Seeing James run full speed in a Lakers uniform with a basketball in his hand doesn’t make waiting for the NBA season start any easier, but at least we’ll have 2K in the meantime.

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